Character Information
Name Scarlet
Gender Male
Franchise Morphers
Occupation Chieftess
Residence Spikey Desery
— Scarlet's only line
Scarlet is a Morphers character in LEGO Dimensions.


When at Morpher Park with his mates, Glenn met up with the Spikes and happily greeted Scarlet, accidentally frightening her in the process. He then played a game of catch with a Morpher Wheel that Glender threw. As he walked back with it, a horrified Scarlet crashed into it, causing the two of them to Marph. It ended up cutting up the square and covering it in snot, messing around in the Spiked Desert, and finally ended up in the Winters' show, where it climbed up the rafters. It took the Torsten and Mervyn Morph to finally capture him. A puff of magic caused the rafters to fracture, but in the process non Morphed her from Glenn.


  • Spikes
  • Mini Access
  • Speed
  • Morphing
  • Accelerator Switches

Idle Animations

  • Scarlet has a sleepover with everyone on in game.
  • Scarlet hugs and snuggles everyone on the Toy Pad.

Finshing Moves

  • Bounding Bounce: Scarlet bounces toward the enemy, delivers a spikey attack and lands.
  • Spiked Snuggle: Scarlet runs to a character to give them a hug, killing the enemy in her path.


  • She is portrayed by Tinashe, and uses Archive Audio ingame.
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