Character Information
Name Sans
Gender Male
Franchise Undertale
Weapons/Accessories Bones
Occupation Comedian
Residence Papyrus' and Sans' House

Sans is one of the Fun Pack characters of LEGO Dimensions, from the Undertale franchise.


  • Telepathy (Magic)
  • Boomerang
  • Teleportation (Short Range)
  • Intelligence
  • Character Change (Papyrus)
  • Junior Jumble


"Huh, never been here before" - Sans when first entering the game

"Wow, something new" - Sans' second time entering the game

"So now I'm here" - Sans' third time entering the game

"I'm getting bone tired here" - Sans when idle

"Yeah, not gonna happen" - Sans when encountering an object he can't use

"Finally, that took tooth long" - Sans when completing a puzzle

"This is pretty shiny, I should probably keep it" - Sans when getting a collectible

"Hey, do you have any ketchup?" - Sans to Shaggy

"You're gonna have a bad time" - Sans when riding the Gaster Blaster, the Gaster Heel, or the Gaster Sub


  • Sans is the second character with the teleportation ability, the first being Marceline from the Adventure Time franchise
  • Sans is the only character with quotes who doesn't actually speak, a speech bubble similar to the ones in Undertale appear above his head
  • Sans' jokes are bone breaking-ly bad


Sans Toy Tag

Sans' Toy Tag

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