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Character Information
Name Sans
Gender Male
Franchise Undertale
Weapons/Accessories Small Bone
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Gaster Blaster
Occupation Sentry, Ex-Royal Scientist
Residence Snowdin
— When entering the game
*I don't remember that shortcut...
— When entering the game
*well, i WAS on watch for humans, but why not?
— When entering the game

Sans is a character in the Undertale franchise. He comes in a Team Pack with Papyrus.


  • Magic
  • Boomerang
  • Target
  • Apparate Access
  • Techno Panels


*see ya round.
— When exiting the game
*i gotta go. papyrus gets cranky without his bedtime story.
— When exiting the game
*welp. i'm going to grillby's.
— When exiting the game
*yaaaawn. wake me up when it's over.
— When in rift
*i've eaten pap's spaghetti, i can handle you.
— To enemies
*do you wanna have a BAD TIME?
— When in a Boss Battle
*all right, who reset the timeline?
— When respawning
*well, shucks.
— When unable to solve a puzzle
*well, papyrus didn't make this puzzle, that's for sure.
— When unable to solve a puzzle.
— Can solve a puzzle
*all right, let old puncle sans take care of this.
— Can solve a puzzle
*don't expect too much from me, i'm still a lazybones.
— Has solved a puzzle
*meh. i'll just toss this in that self-sustaining tornado in my room.
— When collecting a mini-kit or gold brick
*well, looks like somebody's BIG BONED! eh? eh? aww, c'mon, that was a good one!
— To giant character or vehicle
*feels good to rest. i am feeling BONE-TIRED. heh-heh!
— When idle
*boy, i sure could go for a hot dog. or a hot cat.
— When idle
*hey, I'M sans, not you. get your own name, buddy.
— To Sans
*heh. you remind me of those temmies back home. 'cept you're not as dumb.
— To Scooby-Doo
*huh. you, uh, related to mettaton by any chance?
— To Cyborg
*ok, this is too cliché, especially for me.
— To Skeleton Organ
*whoa, whoa, WHOA! now listen here, human. i dunno who this lich guy is, but unless you're looking to get a bad time, let's keep it neutral, okay?
— To Finn the Human
*'sup, buddy? wanna buy a hot dog? i'll trade ya for some ketchup...
— To Shaggy
*oh, man. i stay in this any longer, my head'll be IN THE CLOUDS.
— To Cloud Cuckoo Car
*oh, hey kiddo. you haven't gained any EXP or LOVE, have you? no? good.
— To Frisk

Entrance and Exit Animations


  • Sans flops out of the portal and into his face. Then he slowly gets up.

About To Exit

  • Sans' eye glows.


  • Sans turns around and walks to the rift, then falls into it.

Attack Animations

Normal Attack (Note: every time Sans attacks, his eye glows. Example.

  1. Sans points his left arm forward and a long bone shoots out over his shoulder from behind him.
  2. Sans points his left arm up and a group of long bones shoot out of the ground in front of him.
  3. Sans points his left arm right and a spinning long bone spins around him.
  4. Sans points his left arm down and a group of long bones shoot down from above, in front of him.

Ground Pound

  • Sans stomps onto the ground and groups of long bones shoot out of the ground around him in a square.

Idle Animations

  • Sans takes out a pink comb (possibly a printed 1×2 tile) with his left arm and combs the top of his skull. Then he puts it away.
  • Sans' eyes slowly close. When they fully close, some Zs appear and dissapear over his head, indicating he's sleeping. This occurs after two minutes of inactivity, and will stay like this until the player moves again.

Finishing Moves

  • The enemy lunges toward Sans. He slides left to dodge them, and the enemy falls onto the ground. Then Sans' eye glows and the enemy is impaled by a group of long bones.
  • A square ring of blue long bones shoots out of the ground around the enemy, trapping them. This will keep the enemy temporarily immobile for 8 seconds before the bones retract back into the ground.

Character Tag

Sans' character tag

All sides are blue. The front has a Gaster Blaster, the sides have white beams, and the back has 5 bones in a row.