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Samus Aran
Character Information
Name Samus Aran
Gender Female
Franchise Nintendo (Metroid)
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Samus's Gunship
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Residence Zebes

Samus Aran is one of the Fun Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Metroid franchise created by Nintendo.


  • Acrobatics
  • Morph Ball Access
    • Mini Access
    • Super Speed
    • Gyrosphere Switches
    • Accelerator Switches
  • Sonar Smash
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Missile)
  • Dive (Gravity Suit)
  • Target (Charge Beam)
  • Grapple (Grapple Beam)
    • Rope Swings
  • Relic Detection
  • Laser (Plasma Beam)
    • Melt LEGO Ice
  • Hazard Protection


Samus Aran can talk, like in Other M.

  • "If there are Metroids here, leave it to me." - Samus's first line when entering the game.
  • "My name is Samus Aran. If you have a bounty with a good pay, I'm your hunter." - Samus's second line when entering the game.
  • "It's not exactly an extra energy tank, but it'll do." - Samus's line when collecting a mini-kit or a gold brick.
  • "This place has so many places... even Zebes is here!" - Samus's idle line when standing in the Nintendo hub world.
  • "No matter what happens here, this is never as crazy as Mother Brain." - Samus's first idle line.
  • "No Space Pirates or anything... it's about time I get some peace!" - Samus's second idle line.
  • "Wait... I think I have a bounty for you." - Samus's interaction dialogue with Homer Simpson.
  • "You know, you're very lucky you aren't Ridley, or you would be gone right now." - Samus's interaction dialogue with Cragger.
  • "Are you sure you don't work for the Space Pirates?" - Samus's interaction dialogue with E.T.
  • "Now this is traveling in style!" - Samus's reaction dialogue to Samus's Gunship.
  • "This is a bit... too retro." - Samus's reaction dialogue to Benny's Spaceship.
  • "Remind me to fill my energy tanks next time." - Samus's respawn dialogue.
  • "This is even worse than space travel!" - Samus's first line when inside of a vortex.
  • "Is this like traveling through hyperspace or something?" - Samus's second line when inside of a vortex.

Art credit

Original minifigure picture on the Infobox is created by Henchmen4Hire on Saber-Scorpion Forums.


  • Samus is voiced by Jessica Martin, who previously voiced her in Metroid: Other M.
  • Samus has a large amount of abilities, many of which were previously exclusive to vehicles. Examples of these are the Acceleration Ability and the Gyrosphere Switches Ability.
    • Despite this, the latter of the two was previously able to be used by Jake from the Adventure Time franchise in Year 2.
    • This is largely due to the addition of the morph ball.