Character Information
Name Saladweaver
Gender Male
Franchise The Internet: The Game
Weapons/Accessories Pitchfork
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Salad Bowl

Fork Bike

Occupation Youtuber
Residence Weaver Residence

"I'm here to grab some salad and hit bad guys, and I don't see any salad."

~ Saladweaver when first entering the game

"Never seen this site before, must be new."

~ Saladweaver's second time entering the game

"Man these places are just getting weirder and weirder."

~ Saladweaver's third time entering the game

Saladweaver is a Level Pack character for The Internet: The Game franchise.


When a user created the online persona of Saladweaver on YouTube they didn't expect much from it just some stupid videos that review salad. These videos were Saladweaver's world and salad became his obsession. When all communication on the web went down it was up to him and Diman to travel to the legendary Chrome Towers to restart the google machine.


The Sites: Weaver Residence


  • Fork Lift
  • Acrobatics (Uses fork as a means of a higher jump)
  • YouTube Video
  • Weapon Switch (Pitchfork, Knife, Rifle, Sword, Skateboard, Boxing Gloves)
  • Vine Cut
  • Target
  • Sword Switch
  • Ramp


"Welp gotta go, buh bye!" ~ Saladweaver's first line when leaving the game

"It's been fun but hey, got some ceaser salad to review" ~ Saladweaver's second line when leaving the game

"Eh, you can take over" ~ Saladweaver's third line when exiting the game

"Take the fork of justice! Take it I say!" ~ Saladweaver in combat

"Gonna pass this to someone else" ~ Saladweaver when not be able to complete a puzzle

"I think I got something in my bag for this." ~ Saladweaver when able to solve a puzzle

"See I told you!" ~ Saladweaver when solving a puzzle

"I could totally review this on the show" ~ Gaining a collectible

"Why can't I just take the ship?" ~ In the rift

"Why don't we take this and slather it in butter?" ~ First line when upgrading

"I'll add some croutons and the..." ~ Second line when upgrading

"Is this what it feels like to lose a subscriber?" ~ When respawning


Saladweaver's Toy Tag

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