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Character Information
Name Ryu
Gender Male
Franchise Street Fighter
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets SFII Arcade Machine
Hadoken Cannon
Occupation Martial artist
Residence Suzaku Castle

Ryu is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Street Fighter Fun Pack, for the Street Fighter franchise.


Ryu is a wandering martial artist who lives solely to fight against tough opponents and to test himself for greater challenges. He travels the world from place to place to seek the true meaning of being a fighter. He was taught by Gouken in the art of Ansatsuken along with friend and rival Ken and was victorious in the first Street Fighter tournament. There was also a time when Ryu faced against Akuma, his master's brother and arch nemesis, thus causing the awakening of a chaos energy called Satsui no Hadou (or "murderous intent") that dwells within him. Akuma wishes that Ryu would succumb to the Satsui no Hadou but Gouken successfully sealed it away. He still travels around the world in search of the strongest opponents.

Dimensional Crisis



  • Super Strength (Shoryuken)
  • Acrobatics
  • Target (Hadoken)
    • Laser (Fire Ball Hadouken)
    • Electricity (Electric Denjin Hadoken)
    • Silver Lego Blowup (Shinku Hadoken)
  • Spinjitzu (Tatsumaki Senpukyaku)
  • Character Change (Ken Masters)


"The answer lies in the heart of battle." - Ryu's first time when entering the game.

"Come on!" - Ryu when in combat.

"I must train harder... for this impossible puzzle." - Ryu when unable to complete a puzzle.

"You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance!"  - Ryu when seeing Mario.