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Call me a ruffian, but I'm here to cause some chaos!
— Ruffian's first line when entering the game
I'm lit as hell and ready to raise some!
— Ruffian's second line when entering the game
We didn't start the fire... I did!
— Ruffian's third line when entering the game

Ruffian is a Vepturegeng character in LEGO Dimensions.


An antihero if there ever was one, Ruffian is self-centered, annoying, and would most likely be the first target if the Vepturegeng disbanded. Like most of the other Vepturegeng, Ruffian wishes to somehow eliminate Serpent and become the leader of the clan, but he is more open about these than the others. Ruffian is also obsessed with killing animals for sport; not just for food.


  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Molotov Cocktail)
  • Sonar Smash (Drink from bottle)
  • Laser (Fire)
    • Melt Ice
  • Sword Switches (Claws)
  • Target (Machine Gun)
  • Vine Cut (Claws)
  • Water Spray (Bottle)
    • Put out Fires (Bottle)


  • Ruffian is voiced and motion-captured by Forrest Goodluck, who reprises his role in the game.
  • Despite being average height in the film, Warcloud and Ruffian's Minifigures use mid-legs; this is because of the fact that the character is short in the graphic novel, as well as Sequoia being 14.
    • The Vepturegeng: Gene O. Saad variant has typical-sized legs to better reflect their appearance in the movie and/or Ruffian's older age.