Rosalina is one of the Fun Pack characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from Nintendo's subfranchise Super Mario Bros.


Rosalina (JP) is a character in the Mario series who made her first appearance in Super Mario Galaxy. She is the motherly, gentle and very beautiful protector of the Luma creatures. From Super Mario Galaxy to its sequel, she was voiced by Mercedes Rose.

Rosalina first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy. A book in the Comet Observatory's library reveals her backstory. She was born in the Mushroom Kingdom and that is where she was raised as a child. But one day she found a shooting star which was actually a space ship with a Luma inside it. The Luma was looking for her mother. Rosalina decided to help the Luma, and together, they fixed the space ship and set of to find Luma's mom. Rosalina eventually built the Comet Observatory and with Polari, she looked after all the Lumas.

Rosalina appeared during the ending of Super Mario Galaxy 2, though in the game she didn't play a prominent role. It is revealed after the player collects 120 stars that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a story told by Rosalina. Following this, she explains to the Lumas listening to her that the Mario Brothers went on a quest to collect 120 additional Green Stars, and that she could be willing to tell the story of that as well.

After collecting every star in the game, Rosalina will come aboard Starship Mario. It is also revealed that she met Lubba before, Lubba even referring to her as "The Lady of the Shooting Stars". There was confusion among fans about the fact that the sequel also began with the Star Festival, which occurred every 100 years due to Rosalina passing the planet, which could be due to the universe being recreated in the first one, making this the first Star Festival.

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