Rollin is one of the Team Pack characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Legolot franchise.


Born in the realm of Thonia, Rollin is the son of the King and heir to the throne of Legolot. When he was 19, the evil dark wizard Lord Azakius attacked Legolot and killed his father, prompting him to live the rest of his life in the forest.

A year later, he searched for food and water, hunting while he does it. He was attacked by a wolf then passes out due to exhaustion. Sometime later, a beautiful elf girl named Solana saved him and took his uncounscious body to the elven realm of Imysarion.

Rollin later wakes up in the hospital wing and meets Solana's brother, Vamir, who explains what happened on behalf of his sister. By the time Rollin got out of the hospital, Solana introduces herself to him and asks where he came from. Rollin nervously told her where he came from and left to find food. From that moment on, Solana fell in love with him.

At the royal feast, Rollin got the food he needed and headed out back into the forest. Azakius' orcs attack Rollin and fended off by Vamir and the elven hunters. Rollin went back to Imysarion to report the incident to the elven king. Vamir deduces that Legolot was ruled by an evil wizard and decides to embark on a quest with Rollin. Solana came with them after sneaking out of the realm because of her overprotective father. During his time with Solana, he shared his first kiss with her and started a romantic relationship later on.

When Solana gets captured by Azakius' soldiers, Rollin chased them down and arrived at Legolot. The trio engaged Azakius in the final battle and defeated him, saving Legolot at the cost of Vamir's life.

Rollin became the new King of Legolot and married Solana, who became queen of Legolot and brought peace back to their kingdom.


  • Sword Switch
  • Stealth
  • Vine Cut
  • Tracking
  • Acrobat
  • Photo Mode
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