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Robyn Jade (Robin Jēḍ in Sinhala) is a character in the Venturian Battle franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Robyn Jade had an impoverished and traumatic childhood, facing such tragedies as the murder of her pet kitten. Robyn ultimately left her trailer home and stowed away on a plane to the famously wealthy nation of Venturia. Robyn struggled with homelessness there and tried to pickpocket billionaire Roger Jacobson, who was impressed by her courage. Jacobson mentored her at the Venturian Battle Compound and Jade was given a job as a helicopter pilot. While only paid an average salary, Jade was satisfied with her occupation and relationship with Jacobson, who often treated her like a daughter.

Level Pack

Roger Jacobson is found by fellow Venturian Battlers Gregory Griffin and Robyn Jade at a bar, before being told that he has been recruited in a special operation that involves breaking into the palace of the Rahatian leader and finding evidence that proves their government is funding IETO’s terrorist attacks. Robyn hacked the security system of the palace from underground, while Roger and Griffin snuck in. Robyn's presence was eventually exposed by Griffin after he revealed himself as a double agent. Unlike Roger, Robyn was able to call in an evacuation chopper and escape from the city, although she was grazed in the process.

Six months later, Robyn discovers and bails Roger out with his bottomless wealth. Robyn reveals that Griffin is working for IETO and has vanished from the Venturian Battle.


  • Acrobatics
  • Hacking
  • Illumination (Flashlight)
  • Put out Fires (Bottle)
  • Sword Switches (Walking Stick)
  • Target (Pistol)
  • Technology

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Robyn offers her life to save her peers.


  • Robyn Jade shares countless similarities with Robyn Jacob and Robin Carpenter, up to and including their names.
    • Cierra Conners and Robin Carpenter also share countless similarities. Robyn Jade's role was filled by Cierra in the first envisioning of the episode Reciprocity.
  • Despite being notably shorter than Rhett Druidus and Voldelem Bata, Robyn's Minifigure has taller legs. This is because Robyn is a grown woman, as opposed to Druidus and Voldelem, who are teenage boys.
  • Robyn is one of the only characters in a LEGO game who has canonically drunk while underage.
    • Robyn is also the first character adapted into LEGO who is a victim of child sexual abuse.