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Robyn Jacob
Character Information
Name Robyn Jacob
Gender Female
Franchise Venture: Bounty
Weapons/Accessories Diamond Blade
Occupation Mistress
Residence Jacob Manor
Venture LNTR
Well, this is a pretty place you got here.
— Robyn Jacob's first line when entering the game
Phew, that swirly Portal thing kinda saved me there. It was either that or a thousand Shooters.
— Robyn Jacob's second line when entering the game

Robyn Jacob is a Venture character in LEGO Dimensions.


Robyn Jade was a maiden of Venturia and attended a presentation by Oba at the Venturian Towers, however, the Void Monsters' attack destroyed the buildings, but both the Jacobs and the Jades found each other on either skyscraper and attempted to link each other to stop a collision. Robyn was frightened after the Jacobs were on the other tower as it toppled from the large attacking spider, but she was relieved to see them land on the spider unharmed. However, the turret they were on also exploded from an Ignitable Void Bugbear, however, the Jades, including Robyn, made it out safely, nary seared hole on her coat. After the attack, the Jades fled into the Amazons, where a hideout was constructed in the sticks of a tree. Robyn and Robert successfully met up and separated from their siblings, as the brothers and sisters believed Robert and Robyn, respectively, to be the most skilled of the families. While the other Jacobs and Jades went to the Scarlet Rock Abode, Robert and Robyn were involved in the Venturian Battle, where they were two of three participants to make it out alive (though there were close calls: Robert was seemingly decapitated at one point, but the battle-ax used to attack him was styrofoam, and Robyn fell in an ice-cold tarn, and both were caught in Void poisoning). During the Revolt Against the Void, several members of the Bounty, including Robyn, were damaged in battle, although the Jacobs' and Jades' were unharmed, though their clothing was damaged and they were covered in dirt and muck, and were also hit by harmless projectiles like eggs, snowballs, and Wyve Opals). The Jacobs and the Jades each married a member of the respective family, and the Jades moved into Jacob Manor, officially completing the Jacob Knights of the Venturian Table.


  • Elixir Switch
    • Acrobatics (Spring Jump Potion)
    • Health Regeneration (Potion)
    • Underwater Swimming (Salmon-Like Iodine)
  • Weapon Switch
    • Sword Switch (Diamond Clay More)
    • Wall Cut (Ax)
    • Drill (Pickax)
    • Dig (Spade)
    • Farming (Pitchfork)
    • Water Spray (Pail of Water)
      • Growth
      • Hazard Cleaner
    • Laser (Fire Steel)
    • Fishing (Fishing Pole)
    • Target (Gun)


And I'm afraid I must leave. Got an important meeting. Heh.
— Robyn Jacob's first line when entering the game
Good, I gotta take a rest. Maybe at one of those potion chambers. Or do I need to get attacked by the Void to go?
— Robyn Jacob's second line when leaving the game
Robert's got some Vitamin Waters at his mansion. I sure could use some electrolytes.
— Robyn Jacob's third line when leaving the game
Ow, ugh, that's never going away.
— Robyn Jacob's line when respawning
Let's hope we don't cause confusion for Rob, alrighty then?
— Robyn Jacob talking to Robin
You better not being talking about me, or you're gonna have some serious explaining to do.
— Robyn Jacob responding to Robert Jacob's line when unable to afford a renovation
You haven't blown everyone up yet. Good Pipipi. I'll call you Pippin.
— Robyn Jacob talking to Pipipi
And now I notice my maiden name is also the name of your currency...
— Robyn Jacob talking to Dlab
Wow, a Dead Slender? I mean Wyveslender, ugh, you guys must know a thing or two about your name changing every day, right?
— Robyn Jacob talking to Wyveslender
So, what breed are you? California spangled? Ragamuffin? American Curl? Maybe a crossbreed between those and an equine or gelding...
— Robyn Jacob talking to Uni-Kitty
Hey wait - did you get plastic surgery, Wyvern? And dyed yourself green? Yeah, okay...
— Robyn Jacob talking to Cragger
Hey, first time seeing you, Razorback! Why are your legs short, though? And how come you are not battling everyone?
— Robyn Jacob riding Velociraptor
So, what breed of Canid are you? Beagle? Spaniel? Pooch? Stray? Never seen one who can morph to shapes, though.
— Robyn Jacob talking to Jake
You are the first non-modder I know who holds fire.
— Robyn Jacob talking to TrailBlazer
Okay, guess I should not tell you about the time I looked at your old stuff- never mind.
— Robyn Jacob talking to AnthonyM
Look out for the Heis around here. They seem a lot like Cuccos.
— Robyn Jacob talking to Link


A Button Animation

  • Warlord: Warlord swings her arms and shakes her back end and hips.


  • She is portrayed by Keira Knightley, who reprises her role in the game.
  • Unlike Robert, her appearance from the Healing Tank is playable.
    • Robert's Healing Tank is unplayable because of the heavy implications that he was nude in the film.
  • Unlike the other variants in the Venture: Legendary Character Pack, Warlord uses Robyn Jacob as the base character instead of Robert Jacob.
    • This is due to Warlord being female.