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Robot 0-1 from Scott Pilgrim (D1285Vr)
Name: Robot 0-1
Gender: Male
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim
Weapons/Accesories: Stud Shooter and toasted bread
Vehicle: Super Fighting Robot
Residence: Toronto,Canada

"Robot 0-1 has joined the party"

-Robot 0-1´s First Line when entering in the game.

Robot 0-1 is one of the Fun Pack characters in Lego Dimensions 2, from the Scott Pilgrim franchise, it was created by the Katayanagis twins (Ramona's ex-boyfriends) to fight Scott Pilgrim, however he fails in his mission and is defeated by Scott .

He is one of the playable characters in Lego Dimensions 2, he comes included in a Fun Pack, with two accessories, a toast and a gun.

Special abilities

  • Rope Switch
  • Fix-It
  • Intelligence
  • Super Strength
  • Super Strength Handless
  • Laser
  • Laser Deflector
  • Relic Detector
  • Melt Gold
  • Melt Ice
  • Freeze
  • Stretch
  • Long Distance Detector
  • Mini Access
  • Mini Access Targeting
  • Target
  • Rope Swing
  • Grapple
  • Parseltongue Doors Pass
  • Drill


"I cant feel me as "

-(when traveling through a portal or when he is in a fight)

"Scott Pilgrim !!!!"

-(when he interacts with Robin from The Lego Batman Movie)

"It's time for a super robot fight "

-(when he gets on the super fighting robot)

"Ramona by order of my creators I have to give you Gideon ... oh no wait, they were all defeated"

-(when he interacts with Ramona)

"Hey give me that car with which I can go back in time and defeat Scott Pilgrim"

-(when he interacts with Marty McFly)

"Hey Doc if it were not so much annoying I would like a modification maybe some huge muscles"

-(when he interacts with Emmet Brown)


- He is also the only playable Scott Pilgrim villain.

-He is the only Scott Pilgrim character that comes in a fun pack and also the only one that comes alone, not to mention that his construction is Super Fighting Robot.

-He is one of the characters who cannot swim, the others are Gizmo, the Wicked Witch, Stripe, Luffy, Chopper, Nico Robin, Brook.

-the construction of his head consists of a regular red minifigure head and a white mold with two holes that is placed as a helmet, making red dots appear in the holes simulating eyes. (In one of his animations this is satirized)

Special attacks

-In the first attack he will stretch his legs as a way to minimize the enemy, the enemy will get angry and jump to attack him but Robot 0-1 will move by turning to the right and causing the enemy to hit the ground and die .

-In the second attack of the Robot 0-1 it will point to the enemy and he will get angry and will go to attack him but this time he will stretch his arms and hold the enemy to hit him against the ground several times.

-In the third attack he will point to the enemy and two snow dragons will appear to attack the enemy.


-In his first animation, he will take off the head piece as if it were a helmet revealing a regular red lego head and rub his forehead as if he were tired and then put the white part of his head back on .

-In the second animation, he will look excited, he will put himself in an expectant pose and a toasted bread will come out of his head that will be eaten by his.

-In the third animation of him, he will take out an electric piano like the Takayanagi Twins and try to play it but after not doing it well he will get angry and kick the instrument.

Spotlight Song:

Toy Tag

Toy Tag


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