Robert Jacob (Lobert Jacob in Chichewa) is a character in the Venturian Battle franchise.


  • Acrobatics
  • Illumination (Electric Torch)
  • Target (Capture Gun)


Level Pack

Untitled Model 001

The meetup (created on Mecabricks).

Venturian Battle Robbery 001

Griffin, Jacob, and Conners about to break in.

The Level Pack that Robert Jacob comes in adapts the episode Reciprocity. Robert Jacob is found by fellow Venturian Battlers and high school acquaintances Gregory Griffin and Cierra Conners at a tiki bar on a pier, before being told that he has been recruited in a special operation that involves breaking in the palace of the Rahatian leader and finding evidence that proves their government is funding IETO’s terrorist attacks. Robert and Griffin sneak in the palace and find the prince interacting with Saad Ayman Nein. After Robert records the conversation, Griffin double-crosses Jacob and alerts the guards of Robert’s presence. While trying to escape, Robert Jacob is arrested.

Six months later, Cierra discovers and bails Robert out with fellow Venturian Battler Barney Felix. Cierra reveals that Griffin is working for IETO and has vanished from the Venturian Battle.


Am I seeing double?
— Robert Jacob to Poe Dameron
You remind me too much of someone.
— Robert Jacob to Kylo Ren
Any chance of you knowing about a "cheeseburger backpack"?
— Robert Jacob to Steven Universe
— Robert Jacob to any Fortnite character
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