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Robert Jacob (LNTR)
LNTR Robert.png
Character Information
Name Robert Jacob (LNTR)
Gender Male
Franchise Venture-LNTR
Weapons/Accessories *Metallic Blade
Occupation *Venturian Battler (Formerly)
  • Vepturegeng (Undercover)
  • Soldier
Residence Venture City
I got two bills to pay, now is not really the time for adventuring.
— Robert Jacob's first line when entering the game
Autographs? Now, now, there's only so many trees in Venture!
— Robert Jacob's second line when leaving the game
Hey! I was right in the middle of my Garry's Mod RP!
— Robert Jacob'ts third line when leaving the game

Robert Jacob is a Venture character in LEGO Dimensions.


Robert Jacob was the firstborn of the Jacob Knights. He runs the successful Flankers' Bankers bank, and actually enjoys a wide variety of subjects, such as construction, mining, and alchemy. In his free time, Jacob tends to role play on Garry's Mod, and is a big fan of Star Wars and Beowulf.

Robert Jacob signed up to join the Venturian Battle in order to show off his swordsmanship he had been practicing, but soon realized he had bit off more than he could chew, when only him, Robyn Jacob, and Ivor Linus remained. However, Robert was soon able to rebuild the team, and gain a fighting chance in the Venturian Battle.


  • Weapon Switch
    • Spade (Digging)
    • Maul (Vine Cut)
    • Pick (Drill)
    • Pistol (Target)
    • Dynamite (Silver LEGO Blowup)
    • Diamond Armor (Laser Deflection)
  • Illumination (Scarlet Rock Lamp)
  • Grapple (Fishing Rod)
  • Rainbow LEGO Blowup (Wyve Crystal)


Sorry, I got places to go.
— Robert Jacob's first line when leaving the game
This door is closing, here's to hoping a window opens.
— Robert Jacob's second line when leaving the game
General is gonna be mad if I don't return to my Garry's Mod RP.
— Robert Jacob's third line when leaving the game
You're a bloody madman.
— Robert Jacob talking to Robert Jacob (VCU)
Ah, there you are, Robyn. I've been looking for you all over.
— Robert Jacob talking to Robyn Jacob (LNTR)
You look quite a bit like my wife... I wonder why.
— Robert Jacob talking to Robyn Jacob (VCU)
Ah, a knight in shining armor. If Vepture's Templar is anything to go by, I'm unpopular among you guys.
— Robert Jacob talking to Shovel Knight
You are quite the gifted individual, being able to guard a multiverse and all.
— Robert Jacob talking to AnthonyM
Weapons experts like you really impress me.
— Robert Jacob talking to Alabaster Dresden
That's quite an amazing variety of swords you got there.
— Robert Jacob talking to Cybern
You have the Master Sword? All I have is a big metal toothpick.
— Robert Jacob talking to Link
I wish I had an arm cannon.
— Robert Jacob talking to Mega Man
You sound like you'd be a master at exploring the Void.
— Robert Jacob talking to Morgan Yu