Rico Rodriguez (Hjonesjr)

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Rico Rodriguez
Character Information
Name Rico Rodriguez
Gender Male
Franchise Just Cause
Weapons/Accessories Grappling Hook
Vehicles and/or Gadgets F1 Car


Occupation Spy
Residence Solis

Rico Rodriguez is one of the Level Pack Characters in ''LEGO Dimensions'', from the Just Cause franchise.

== Abilities ==

  • Dive
  • Electricity
    • Lightning Gun
  • Flying Drone
  • Gliding
    • Wingsuit
    • Parachute
  • Grapple
  • Hazard Cleaner
    • Wind Gun
  • High Security Access
  • Intelligence
  • Relic Detector
  • Silver Lego Blowup
    • Guided Rocket Launcher
    • M202 Flash
  • Target
    • Machine Gun
    • Sniper
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