Rick O'Connell
Rick O Connell
Character Information
Name Rick O'Connell
Gender Male
Franchise The Mummy
Weapons/Accessories Rifle
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Rick's Car
Occupation Archaeologist, Adventurer

Rick O'Connell is a Mummy character in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing in The Redeath of Imhotep Mummy Story Pack.


Richard "Rick" O’Connell is an American adventurer and a former Colonel of the French Foreign Legion. Married to Evelyn Carnahan and father of Alex O'Connell, O'Connell has gone on many adventures, has seen many exotic locales and has encountered many different peoples and customs. His adventures took a supernatural turn when he encountered the evil resurrected mummy Imhotep.

Perhaps born in Chicago, Illinois, O'Connell's father Jack O'Connell may or may not have left his family out of shame of being branded Medjai. It is possible that O'Connell's mother soon died of unknown causes, leaving O'Connell to grow up in an orphanage in Cairo, Egypt. While in the orphanage, O'Connell was branded with the Medjai's trademark tattoo.

Once grown, O'Connell dedicated time to several adventures alongside his friend and accomplice Izzy Buttons, including misdeeds such as bank robberies. He abandons this path to enlist in the French Foreign Legion, joining expeditions to the ancient Egyptian necropolis Hamunaptra. Rick is one of two survivors and returned three years later to stop the ancient mummy Imhotep's revival with archaeologist-turned librarian Evelyn Carnahan. O'Connell falls in love with her during the expedition, and they marry shortly thereafter. Imhotep would, however, resurface in Rick's life several more times, forcing Rick to defeat him the help of his family.

Alex and Rick's relationship suffered strain as Alex left his family to join the United States Air Force. Their relationship improved years later when they collaborated to defeat the ancient Chinese immortal Emperor Han. Rick's adventuring days took a toll on his health, including almost being hanged in the Cairo prison, being strangled by Imhotep, and killing the Emperor Han.


The Mandala: The Mummy World


  • Precision
  • Illumination
  • A-Team Master Build
  • Silver LEGO Blowup




  • Brendan Fraser returns to voice Rick in LEGO Voidhoppers.

Character Tag

Rick's tag is blue and brown with a white stripe down the middle.

Rick O'Connell Tag
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