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Rey (Npgcole)
Character Information
Gender Female
Franchise Star Wars
Occupation Scavenger, later Jedi-in-training
Residence Jakku
Time to bring some balance!
— Rey when entering the game
I am not on Jakku anymore.
— Rey's second line when entering the game
Is this a part of my training?
— Rey's third line when entering the game

Rey is one is one of the Story Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. She appears in The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Story Pack, for the Star Wars franchise.


I'd better go back to Ahch-To and continue my training.
— Rey's first line when leaving the game.
Woah! I guess I'm leaving now!
— Rey's second line when leaving the game
Off to do more Jedi... things.
— Rey's third line when leaving the game
Well... that wasn't supposed to happen.
— Rey's line when respawning.
I do hope I've had enough training for this!
— Rey before confronting a boss
I know from my scavenging days that this is definitely something valuable!
— Rey when obtaining a collectable
I'm good with a lot of things, but this is not one of them.
— Rey when unable to solve a puzzle
Who do you guys work for? Unkar? Kylo Ren?
— Rey's first line when in combat
I can do this. I can do this.
— Rey's second line when in combat
Alright. I'll see if I can bypass the compressor.
— Rey when about to solve a puzzle
I AM pretty handy with these things.
— Rey's second line when about to solve a puzzle
This is unlike anything I've ever seen! And I've seen a lot!
— Rey when in the vortex
It feels like I'm travelling through hyperspace... but without a ship!
— Rey's second line when in the vortex
It looks like someone built this himself, just like my old speeder!
— Rey when riding the Gravity Sprinter
Yikes! I'm not used to seeing a lot of bright colors, and this vehicle is hard on the eyes!
— Rey when riding the Mystery Machine
What are you supposed to be? Some weird pink Tooka with a horn?
— Rey when seeing Unikitty
People here seem to think you're pretty scary, but honestly, you'd fit right in at my galaxy.
— Rey when seeing Stripe
Oh yes. I'm going to need photographic evidence of THIS place... if holographic isn't an option.
— Rey when riding the Flash n' Finish
Ew! This is almost as creepy as a Rathtar! Almost.
— Rey's line when riding Shelob the Great.
So you can levitate things with that stick instead of The Force? Interesting.
— Rey when seeing Hermione Granger
Looks like I'm back! I suppose I can get back to training now.
— Rey when in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi World.
I wonder what kind of adventure Finn is on now. I hope he's healed enough for that sort of thing.
— Rey when idle.
It's nice to get a break from Jedi training once in awhile. That Luke's a tough teacher!
— Rey's second line when left idle.
Wow, you are huge! There's not a lot of people your size back on Jakku!
— Rey when entering a mech or seeing a giant character.
I like your outfit! Did you make it yourself?
— Rey when seeing Nya
It's time for the Jedi... to make this upgrade!
— Rey's first line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
I know how I can improve this. I'm pretty good at fixing things.
— Rey's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
If there are two of me, is it a pair of Reys or just a pair of Rey?
— Rey when seeing Rey