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Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash (D1285VR).png
Franchise: Arrowverse
Vehicle: Time Sphere
Appear In:

LEGO Dimensions 2

Powers Collision

Reverse Flash is one of the Fun Pack characters that appear in LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, he belongs to the Arrowverse Franchise.


Professor Eobard Thawne (born c. 2151),[1] also known as the Reverse-Flash, is a meta-human speedster from the twenty-second century, a descendant of the late Eddie Thawne, a time criminal, and the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash. Obsessed with the twenty-first century's Flash, Eobard recreated the accident that was behind the Flash's powers, becoming a speedster himself. However, after his very first trip back in time, Eobard learned that he was destined to become the Flash's archenemy and grew to despise the hero, attempting to prove his superiority as the Reverse-Flash and becoming the opposite of his former idol. This included creating his own variation of the Speed Force using negative energy and emotions, which he used to travel through time without the Flash being able to detect him. Since then, the two speedsters battled each other for many years, but neither of them was strong or fast enough to defeat the other.

After learning the Flash's secret identity, Eobard traveled back in time to kill Barry as a child to erase his foe from existence but was thwarted by the Flash of 2024 who brought the younger Barry to safety. The enraged Thawne then killed Nora Allen and framed Henry Allen for the crime instead, being known as the Man in Yellow after the incident. However, Eobard's connection to the Speed Force began fluctuating, trapping him in the early twenty-first century. Realizing Barry was the only way to return to his time, Thawne killed Dr. Harrison Wells in order to assume his identity as the director of S.T.A.R. Labs, and to push through for the creation of a particle accelerator to ensure that Barry would become the Flash. Posing as Wells, Thawne mentored the Flash and became the leader of a team he assembled to stop the meta-human threats, to increase his protégé's speed so that Eobard could use the hero's connection to the Speed Force to return to his own time. After his plan was exposed and subsequently foiled, Eobard was erased from existence after his ancestor Eddie Thawne killed himself to stop him.

One year after Eobard Thawne was erased from existence, Barry prevented Thawne from murdering Nora, creating Flashpoint and holding him captive for months. After realizing this mistake, Barry released Eobard, allowing him to kill Nora again. As a result of being pulled out of the timeline, Eobard was spared from his fate and continued to exist as a time remnant, while his original actions remained intact. Due to his own nullified state of existence, he was hunted by the Black Flash, forcing him to seek out the Spear of Destiny in order to restore his natural existence. Unable to find the object and outrun the enforcer at the same time, Thawne formed a supervillain alliance. Eobard and his co-conspirators eventually retrieved the Spear of Destiny, which they used to rewrite reality to their whims. Despite initially succeeding, his plan was foiled by the Legends de-powering the object, and Eobard Thawne was vaporized by the Black Flash, being restored to the timeline and his original events as Wells.

Later, Eobard Thawne mysteriously resurfaced as an ally of the New Reichsmen of Earth-X. He originally tried to carry out the Fuhrer's request to perform heart surgery on Overgirl. However, when the Reichsmen's defeat eventually became inevitable, he abandoned his allies to their deaths at the hands of the Team Flash, Team Arrow, the Legends and Supergirl.

In 2034, Eobard Thawne was incarcerated in the meta-human wing of Iron Heights, where his powers were negated by Cicada's dagger. In 2049, He began mentoring Nora West-Allen, claiming to be working towards a less villainous legacy, as he was scheduled for execution. However, the real reason he mentored Nora in traveling to the past was to destroy the dagger and free him. After the dagger was destroyed, Eobard was freed, moments before his execution. He briefly fought Nora and Barry before Nora began to be erased from existence. After the two ran away to enter the Negative Speed Force at Eobard's fervent suggestion, Thawne made his escape.

Despite Thawne's promise to his nemesis they would see him the crisis, Reverse-Flash was completely absent in the new timeline, due to his own manipulations, unknowingly or intentionally is unknown, erasing the new timeline where the event involving the two rivals changed.

Following the Anti-Monitor Crisis and the creation of the new multiverse, Eobard Thawne's spirit joined the other Harrison Wells of the old multiverse in being fused to the brainwaves of Harrison Nash Wells, the last surviving Wells. As Eobard's body was a copy of Earth-1 Harrison Wells, it gave him an easier access to possessing Nash. As his specter was composed of negative particles and emotions, his hatred for everyone became so extreme that he even tried to kill Cisco despite how he thought of him as a son, and he explained how he wanted to brutally kill Barry and Team Flash. However, Nash was freed by Barry, Cisco and Cecile Horton, as Eobard's consciousness was expelled from Nash's body as negative tachyons.

Months later, to aid Barry in stopping August Heart, Barry had the Speed Force reconstitute Eobard to help against Heart. After defeating Heart and seeing that Barry's speed was too great for him, Eobard retreated to fight another day.


  • Treadmill
  • Time Machine Puzzle
  • Electricity
  • Electricity Absorption
  • Spinjitzu
  • Intelligence
  • Dive
  • Detective Mode
  • Relic Detector

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