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The Resistance is one of the organizations in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Star Wars franchise.


The Resistance was a private military force that opposed the First Order and defended the New Republic. The Resistance was a splinter of the New Republic Defense Force that believed the First Order posed a serious threat to the New Republic and democracy in the galaxy, unlike the New Republic Senate and High Command. The Resistance ultimately stood against the First Order during their war, during which time the First Order destroyed the New Republic and conquered large swathes of the galaxy. Yet despite the Resistance's inital stand alone, the Resistance inspired rebellion across the galaxy, and a citizens' fleet eventually assembled to reinforce the Resistance and spark an uprising against the First Order.

The Resistance was founded by General Leia Organa and was modeled to an extent on the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Members of the Resistance shared General Organa's views regarding the threat posed by the First Order. While still a New Republic senator, Princess Organa founded the organization after she was sidelined from the Senate following a scandal that revealed her father to be Darth Vader. General Organa recruited veterans of the Galactic Civil War like Admiral Gial Ackbar and other New Republic military personnel like New Republic officer Poe Dameron, while other humans and aliens joined the Resistance as officers, soldiers, pilots, and in other roles.

The Resistance stood as a check against the First Order and opposed the military faction in open warfare after it decapitated the New Republic and moved in to seize military control of the galaxy despite the Resistance's destruction of Starkiller Base. With the help of the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker, and his apprentice, Rey, the Resistance escaped the First Order's siege at Crait and lived to fight another day while inspiring rebellion against the First Order. When former Emperor Darth Sidious revealed himself alive to the galaxy with a massive armada of planet-destroying warships, the Final Order, the Resistance invaded the Sith redoubt of Exegol to prevent the Sith fleet from reinforcing the First Order. Ultimately, with the support of a citizens' fleet, the Resistance defeated the Final Order while Rey sacrificed herself to destroy the Emperor, though she was resurrected by Ben Solo, who gave his life force to save Rey. The victory of the Resistance and citizens' fleet over the Final Order inspired the people to rise up against the First Order, whose military rule over the galaxy began to crumble under a series of attacks.