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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard  is a franchise in Lego Dimensions.


  • Ethan Winters and Eveline Baker Team Pack


Health Bars

IMG 20171120 130609 hdr kindlephoto-210257050

Ethan's Health Bar

IMG 20171120 130715 hdr kindlephoto-210316357

The heart when damaged

The character frame (Ethan Winters) is the Codex Wristwatch and the hearts are green heart rate readings.(Someone tell me what they're called!) When damaged, the readings are red and bigger.
IMG 20171124 205421 hdr kindlephoto-502793785

Eveline's Health Bar

IMG 20171124 205436 hdr kindlephoto-502741473

The heart when damaged

The character frame (Eveline Baker) is a ring of veins and black goop. The hearts are heart-shaped with 2 veins. When damaged, the heart has black on the top and bottom.

Character Spotlight Music

Go Tell Aunt Rhody  (2:11-2:40)

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