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Red Bricks are collectibles which can be collect in LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch. There is one to collect from each Adventure World.

List of Red Bricks and Extras
Name Franchise Cost Description
DC Captions DC Comics 500,000 Comic book style captions
Rare Artifact Detector The LEGO Movie 20,000 Detects Minikits
Always Iron Man Marvel Comics 50,000 Play as Iron Man (Mark 85) in any franchise by putting the normal Iron Man on the Toy Pad.
Disco Mode Shadow Man 500,000 All themes are replaced with Marco Cruz's theme.
Area 51 Mode E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 510,000 Replaces enemies as classic Aliens and UFOs.
Accio! Harry Potter 1,000,000 Attract studs
Where Are They?! The Dark Knight 20,080 Citizen In Peril detector
Regenerate Hearts Overwatch 500,000 Heart regenerates when losing
Disguises Indiana Jones 200,000 Characters wear glasses and mustaches
Darkness Rises Star Wars 50,000 Star Wars characters' lightsabers turn red and have dark side powers.
Villain Disguises Scooby-Doo! 600,000 Gives all major level bosses a disguise.
Fall Rescue Gravity Falls 20,000 Saves you if you fall off ledges.
Super Star! Super Mario 2,000,000 Characters become invincible.
Merry Christmas The Nightmare Before Christmas 12,000 Characters wear Santa hats.
Long Forgotten Gold The Hobbit 11,000,000 Always Double Studs
Mmm, Richer! The Legend of Zelda 200,000,000 Studs are replaced with Rupees.
Banana Slamma! Donkey Kong 100,000 Studs are replaced with Bananas.
Dwarf's Bounty The Lord of the Rings 1,000,000 X2 Studs multiplier
One-Eyed Willie's Treasure The Goonies 2,000,000 X4 Studs multiplier
Money! SpongeBob SquarePants 4,000,000 X6 Studs multiplier
Piece of Eight Pirates of the Caribbean 8,000,000 X8 Studs multiplier
Have A Bonus! Team Fortress 2 10,000,000 X10 Studs multiplier
The Way Of The Brick Ninjago 500,000 Fast Build
Somebody Once Told Me... Shrek 200,100 All themes are replaced with All Star.
Master of CHI Legends of Chima 50,000 Gain more Chi
Flame Grilled Mortal Kombat 500,000 Characters become set on fire without getting hurt.
FPS Mode Child's Play 2,000,000 1st Person Mode
Villain Number One! LazyTown 20,160 All themes are replaced with We Are Number One.
Tiny Head Mode Beetlejuice 10,000 Makes party characters' heads turn tiny.
Hire-a-Hero Discount Teen Titans Go! 100,000 Reduce the stud cost of Hire-a-Hero
Destruction! Gremlins 100,000 Objects are destroyed upon walking into them. One hit defeats two standard enemies.
We're Off to See the Wizard The Wizard of Oz 500,000 The Wizard of Oz theme plays.
All Hail King Homer! The Simpsons 100,000 Detects Gold Bricks.
Aperture Enrichment Detector Portal 2 200,000 Quest detector
K.I.T.T. My Ride Knight Rider 100,000 All vehicles play the Knight Rider theme and talk like K.I.T.T.
Mathematical! Adventure Time 100,000 Extra stud bonus multipliers during combat combos.
I Know A Guy The A-Team 100,000 Tag items upgrades cost half as many studs.
Ring-A-Ding-Ding! Sonic the Hedgehog 100,000 Studs are replaced with Rings.
ÜberCharge Team Fortress 2 500,000 Makes party characters become ÜberCharged.
DK Mode James Bond 2,000,000 Makes party characters' heads turn big.
Partyman! Batman (1989) 500,000 All themes are replaced with Partyman.

Red Brick Extras

  1. DC Comics: DC Captions = Comic book style captions.
  2. Marvel Comics: Always Iron Man = Play as Iron Man (Mark 85) in any franchise by putting the normal Iron Man on the Toy Pad. (50,000 studs)
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Piece of Eight = X8 Studs multiplier. (888,000,000 studs)
  4. Overwatch: Regenerate Hearts = Heart regenerates when losing (500,000)
  5. Spongebob Squarepants: Money! = X6 Studs multiplier. (1,000,000 studs)
  6. Team Fortress 2: Have A Bonus! = X10 Studs multiplier. (10,000,000 studs)
  7. Scooby-Doo!: Villain Disguises = Gives all major level bosses a disguise. (600,000 studs)
  8. Star Wars: Darkness Rises = Star Wars characters' lightsabers turn red and have dark side powers. (50,000 studs)
  9. Indiana Jones: Disguises = Characters wear glasses and mustaches. (200,000 studs)
  10. The LEGO Movie: Rare Artifact Detector = Detects minikits. (20,000 studs)
  11. James Bond: DK Mode = Turns characters' heads big. (2,000,000 studs)
  12. Gravity Falls: Fall Rescue = Saves you if you fall off ledges. (20,000 studs)
  13. The Simpsons: All Hail King Homer! = Detect gold bricks. (300,000 studs)
  14. Ninjago: The Way of the Brick = Fast Build. (500,000 studs)
  15. The Wizard of Oz: We're Off To See The Wizard! = The Wizard of Oz theme plays. (20,000 studs)
  16. The Hobbit: Long Forgotten Gold = Always Double Studs. (11,000,000 studs)
  17. Super Mario: Super Star! = Characters become invincible. (2,000,000 studs)
  18. The Nightmare Before Christmas = Merry Christmas! = Characters wear Santa hats. (12,000 studs)
  19. Harry Potter: Accio! = Attract studs. (1,000,000 studs)
  20. Ghostbusters: Apparition = Characters become semi-transparent. (50,000 studs)
  21. The Adventures of Clutch Powers: We Build On Each Other = Fast Fix (100,000 studs)
  22. Portal 2: Aperture Enrichment Detector = Quest Detector (100,000 studs)
  23. Doctor Who: Sound of the Doctor = All themes are replaced by Doctor Who music. (20,000 studs)
  24. Jurassic World: Pack Hunter = Adds Dino hats to enemies. (50,000 studs)
  25. Back to the Future: Faulty Flux Drive = Back to the Future effects. (19,850 studs)
  26. Legends of Chima: Master of Chi = Gain more chi. (50,000 studs)
  27. Sonic the Hedgehog: Ring-A-Ding! = Studs are replaced with rings. (20,000 studs)
  28. LEGO City Undercover: Stud Chest Master = Makes stud chest cycles much slower. (50,000 studs)
  29. The Goonies: One-Eyed Willie's Treasure = X4 Studs multiplier. (4,000,000 studs)
  30. Atari Classics: Retro Effects = Sound effects turn retro. (19,800 studs)
  31. Midway Arcade: 8-Bit Music = Plays 8-bit style music. (50,000 studs)
  32. The Dark Knight: Where Are They?! = Citizen In Peril detector. (20,080 studs)
  33. Donkey Kong: Banana Slamma! = Studs are replaced with Bananas. (100,000 studs)
  34. The Lord of the Rings: TBA = TBA (TBA studs)
  35. Shadow Man: Disco Mode = All themes are replaced with Marco Cruz's theme. (500,000 studs)
  36. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Area 51 Mode = Replaces ground enemies as classic Aliens and flying enemies as UFOs. (510,000 studs)
  37. The Legend of Zelda: Mmm, Richer! = Studs are replaced with rupees.


  • When the player activates ÜberCharge, party characters become invincible and glow with their colors that represent their role - red with yellow eyes for the villains, blue with purple eyes for the heroes. Those said characters can inflict more damage to enemies and Adventure World bosses and earn extra studs during combat combos. Another note, it disables the Super Star! extra, which is similar.