Character Information
Name RealGameTime
Gender Male
Franchise The GameTime Movie
Weapons/Accessories Excalifate
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Road Rusher
Occupation Wiki User/Wiki Underworld Ruler
Residence GameTime's Apartment
Hey guys! GameTime, your fellow wiki user is here to save the day.... hopefully.
— GameTime's first line when entering the game
Oh come on! I was on editing break! This better be important!
— GameTime's second line when entering the game
Let's crash another community central party. That wasn't too terrible of a entrance, was it?
— GameTime's third line when entering the game
Logging on now. I don't know what's happening or where I am but I'll go with it.
— GameTime's fourth line when entering the game
Now it's game-time. Let's do this, boys.
— GameTime's fifth line when entering the game
RealGameTime is a Story Pack character for the The GameTime Movie franchise.


RealGameTime (called GameTime, GT, Lord GameTime, and The Devil by others) is a person who joins Fandom after a series of unexpected events turn his life for the worse. GameTime is a quirky person who likes to have fun and make jokes on Wikia who seeks to find his place in the webiverse. Many people do not like him at first and he has trouble editing and using all of Fandom's features correctly. He travels on a journey to find his place in the wild and weird internet world and meets new friends and customs including his roommate and mentor, Fricksy Business, the mysterious edit thief, Abby, Fandom news reporter, Violet, a custom recreation of his deceased real life dog, Spot, the head of the Fandom police force, Officer Lawson, the lead of Fandom University, accidental creator of King Phantom and Fandom Labs scientist, Professor Magnesium and many more citizens. Together, they head out hilarious unprepared for the adventure that brings the fate of the internet in their hands.

Dimension Crisis



The GameTime Movie: GameTime's Appartment



I think my new custom editing tools I ordered has arrived at my doorstep. Later!
— GameTime's first line when leaving the game
Im going to see what the rest of my so-called acquaintances is doing. I hope I don't miss any of the fun.
— GameTime's second line when leaving the game
And when I sign back on, I probably won't know what's going on. Setting status to "invisible".
— GameTime's third line when leaving the game
Man, lots of users want to troll this wiki today...
— GameTime when in combat
Time to show these guys what we are made of and kick their digital butts!
— GameTime when in combat
I guess I can't solve this. I can learn how to by searching but I'm not going to.
— GameTime's line when unable to solve a puzzle
Wait, I think I know how to solve this! Yes, it's so extremely easy! And... wait, I think I ACTUALLY do know!
— GameTime's line when able to solve a puzzle
Puzzle, you just got solved. By the puzzle whisper.
— GameTime after solving a puzzle
Just take this shiny valuable item and act like nobody is watching. Boom done.
— GameTime when obtaining a collectible
Does someone have some sheets of papers and a pencil? I just got a great idea for a new custom project!
— GameTime when idle
Oh man, they really upgraded wiki warping these days!
— GameTime's first line when in the rift
This better not send me back to "real life"!
— GameTime's second line when in the rift
You know what, I would've become a good mechanic one day. Keyword here is would've.
— GameTime's first line when upgrading
I’ll add some edit points there. And some new gadgets there. And some error energy and... oh wait, bad idea.
— GameTime's second line when upgrading
Guys, my account’s been re-created again! And there are no side effects this time!
— GameTime when respawning
Woah! You are huge! Can you be my personal bodyguard if any users try to vandalize my user page for today?
— GameTime when entering a mech or seeing a giant character
I guess it's time to step up my game to defeat this hacker!
— GameTime before comforting a boss
Hey! Stop trying to impersonate me! My username has "Real" in it for a reason, you know! Wait, your username has “Real” in it too?! What kind of glitch is this?!
— GameTime's quote to GameTime
Wikia, the one place to go to when you're bored or you're just lazy to go to any other site!
— GameTime when in The GameTime Movie Adventure World
Guardian of Sketchia? You don't happen to work at the Community Central Hall, do you?
— GameTime when seeing AnthonyM
Nice to meet you, Steve. I thought you would be a bit more round... but don't worry, I'm appreciate all kinds of shapes.
— GameTime when seeing Steve
Hey! Your that magical kid with supernatural powers! Wait, how did you get pass the age inspection?
— GameTime when seeing Steven Universe
I've got my eye on you, King Phantom! Get it... cause you have one eye and you're evil... You'll know what I'll just log off.
— GameTime when seeing King Phantom
Winston, you would be great friends with my friend, Abby! She's got some awesome magic thieving powers too.
— GameTime when seeing Winston
Aren't you supposed to do actual plumbing than save a kidnapped princess? Do you still get paid regularly for both?
— GameTime when seeing Mario
Hey! Are you Captain Botsman's new robot servant he's been talking about lately?
— GameTime when seeing Mega Man
You need to teach me some of your amazing skills so I can get out of Fandom University earlier sometime.
— GameTime when seeing Ferris Bueller
I’ve been borrowing your hair style to look cool and it’s been working. But it takes a lot of hair gel unfortunately.
— GameTime when seeing Tracer
Woah! You need to relax, man! You’re like my buddy, Fricksy but with a no sleep schedule!
— GameTime when seeing Clay
You're a ninja? Huh, usually I only use my ninja skills to sneak up on famous internet celebrities I don't have the guts to talk to.
— GameTime when seeing iNinjago
This really puts the "Time" part of my username to a whole new level.
— GameTime when riding the DeLorean Time Machine
It's crazy how much detail and beautification it took to get this bad boy to where it is now.
— GameTime when riding the Road Rusher
Hey, fellow gamer kid! Any good games you've been playing lately?
— GameTime when seeing Gamer Kid
Everything is awesome! Everything is awesome when you live in Wikia!
— GameTime when seeing Emmet
Ooooh boy, I know what time is it! It's 12:30 pm! Am I right or am I right everyone? Heh, heh...
— GameTime when seeing Finn
I feel your pain, man. Being in the Wiki Underworld is tough... You are from there, right?
— GameTime when seeing Slimer
You shouldn't be hang out with me, B.A. I tend to be very foolish sometimes. It's not me, it's just in my programming.
— GameTime when seeing B.A. Baracus
You're super speed skills are amazing. The only time I ever saw someone run that fast was when Badgers was trying to speed-edit for badges
— GameTime when seeing Sonic the Hedgehog
Hey, Newt. By any chance, did you trap my custom dog, Spot, in your briefcase?
— GameTime when seeing Newt Scamander
You have to meet Magnesium some time. He's got all of the latest technology of... well, everything!
— GameTime when seeing The Doctor
Now, this is my type of bike with the great choice of colors. Now, if it only had a "hyper-internet-speed" lever to go really fast like Abby's motorcycle...
— GameTime when riding the Blade Bike
Hey, Batgirl. Have you ever worked with the head of the Fandom Police, Officer Lawson, once?
— GameTime when seeing Batgirl
Markiplier, it's a honor to see another fellow video player here! Not to say that I'm better... ahem.
— GameTime when seeing Markiplier
I feel like I know you before... I don't know how but I just do.
— GameTime when seeing Princess Bad Piranha Plant
That remains me, I gotta give that OASIS thing a try sometime!
— GameTime when seeing Parzival
The LMMCU! Good to be back here! I wonder if things have changed when I was gone.
— GameTime when in the LMMCU World

Idle Animations

  • GameTime draws on a giant edit pencil and makes a animated ball after that. He puts it away after.
  • GameTime's eyes become black and glow red. Red flames come out of his hands. He then makes a twisted smile. He turns back to normal after that.

Entrance & Exit Animations

  • GameTime springs out of the portal like a video game character. His sword comes out of the portal a few seconds later as he grabs it.
  • GameTime flips back into the portal. His sword falls in too a few seconds later.

Finishing Moves

  • GameTime gets his sword out and slashes the enemy.
  • GameTime gets his sword out and brings the enemy down.