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Rafael Darke is one of the non-playable characters and one of the secondary antagonists in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch.


Rafael Darke is Andy Abernathy's longtime high school bully and con artist. He never cares about everyone, only to himself. He once stole Andy's lunch money and beat him down to the ground but that all stopped once Elizabeth Amana came to his aid. His endless hunger for power amuses him as he started entering politics.

Grand Interdimensional War


He is one of the villains that joined Enoch's army. He entered the election and became president of the United Cities. When Andy defiantly stands up to him in protest, Darke accuses him and declares him to be his first prisoner, causing a fight between them. After Andy and his friends escape, Rafael contacts Grand Emperor Enoch that the kids escaped.

Fortress of Servitude

Rafael gets a visit from Grand Emperor Enoch and is warned about the heroes being on his property.

High Stakes Dimension

When Andy prepares to return home, Grand Emperor Enoch orders President Darke to gather his soldiers fast.


Andy confronts Rafael and traded jabs at each other before fighting in the office. Rafael was defeated and brought outside of his office, watching as the rebels foil his plot. Once Grand Emperor Enoch arrived on the scene, he was removed from power and Enoch declares himself president for life before taking Elizabeth Amana hostage.

Fate of the Multiverse

After the final battle, Rafael was taken to jail to serve a 7 year sentence while his position as President was passed.


  • Rafael Darke's alliance with Grand Emperor Enoch is based on Benito Mussolini's alliance with Adolf Hitler.