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Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the LEGO Movie franchise.


Queen Watervra Wa'Nabi is first seen being created as a heart by Emmet after the DUPLO Aliens arrive in Bricksburg. Although Queen Watervra Wa'Nabi did not appear in the first film, she was one of the characters that not present in the master builders. Queen Watervra Wa'Nabi's face wasn't seen at the end of the first film. Emmet uses Queen Watervra Wa'Nabi as a token of friendship to the DUPLO Aliens, until Queen Watervra Wa'Nabi was eaten by one of the DUPLO Aliens, causing his LEGO requirements to move upward to the big DUPLO airship that is using a invisible laser line, allowing the DUPLO Aliens to ask for more. More of the big DUPLO airships join in to release more of the DUPLO Aliens, presumably letting them to create her.

Queen Watervra Wa'Nabi makes his first physical Appearance in The LEGO Movie 2 as a pony. That meant Queen Watervra Wa'Nabi was created by the DUPLO Aliens during the events of the first film. Watevra appears like an evil tyrant, but she does her best to persuade the heroes that she is the complete opposite of a villain by singing a song about it. She manages to persuade the others by appealing to their interests (spaceships for Benny, cute stuff for Unikitty, pirate stuff for MetalBeard, and just appealing to Batman's ego). Wa'Nabi Is allowed to brainwash over Emmet's friends to give back all color of his home and wants Batman to marry her as his most popular way connect the LEGO and DUPLO words.