Queen B'rge
Queen B'rge
Character Information
Name Queen B'rge
Gender Female
Franchise The Fastnesses
Weapons/Accessories Diadem
Occupation Queen
Residence Coronet Castle
Holla, everyone, I am Queen B'rge, and I admire thy property!
— Queen B'rge's line when entering the game
Good morrow, everyone 'round these parts, Queen B'rge is hither!
— Queen B'rge's line when entering the game
I sure dae desire yond yeh all r allies of the Coronet Kingdom!
— Queen B'rge's third line when entering the game
Queen B'rge is a The Fastnesses character in LEGO 1001 Spears Vega.


  • Boomerang (Diadem)
  • Drone Mazes (Frog)
  • Glide (Dress)
  • Laser Deflector (Ruby Pendant)
  • Target (Frog)


Toodle pip, everyone! I desire to c thou again!
— Queen B'rge's first line when leaving the game
Catcheth me anon, I shall buyeth ye a ale!
— Queen B'rge's second line when leaving the game
Until next time, farewell, mine own mates!
— Queen B'rge's third line when leaving the game
Just because I m a mistress doesn't mean I can't square!
— Queen B'rge's line in combat
Back from the brown bread! Anon is yond not wondrous luck?
— Queen B'rge's line when respawning
Ello, fellow queen, noice to meeteth y- oh wait, ye r me!
— Queen B'rge's talking to Queen B'rge
Crikey! What is this? A fox with two tails? Bleedin' interesting!
— Queen B'rge talking to Tails
A bairn with charms? I very much desire thou r on Merlin's side and not Bullock's!
— Queen B'rge talking to K.O.
Prithee stand ho t with the inappropriate language, young sir, yeh wouldn't wanteth to quarrel with King B'rge, would yeh?
— Queen B'rge talking to any South Park character
Ye r quite the master of traps, peat. I'm afraid as to what ye shall groweth up to beest, though
— Queen B'rge talking to Kevin McCallister
Bullock hast recently curs'd our castle with ghosts, I'd love t if 't be true ye would consume some 4 us!
— Queen B'rge talking to Pac Man


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