Character Information
Name Psycho
Gender Male
Franchise Macedon
Weapons/Accessories *Shank
  • Explosive Boston Cream Pie
Occupation Serial Killer
Residence Psycho's House of Terror
— Psycho's first line when entering the game
Psycho is here!
— Psycho's second line when entering the game
Send in the serial killer!
— Psycho's third line when entering the game
Heath Psycho is a Macedon character in LEGO Dimensions.


Heath Psycho was a man who failed his dream of making a television series "The Heath Show", to be produced by Canadian company Klasky Csupo. However, his wife was fertile, and he was pressured into commiting crimes to fund their baby shower, but realized people would recognize him, so he bleached his skin. He was interfered by Macedon after commitment of a crime he was caught in, and fell into a tank full of venom, disfiguring him. However, his wife died, driving him crazy from trauma. He decided to commit more crimes, and wore a paper bag, and noticed it's resemblance to the Klasky Csupo logo, and decided to kill them first. After murdering Klasky Csupo, he shot Commissioner Trigger's daughter, and kidnapped him in attempt to drive him nuttier than Heath is. Macedon rescues Trigger and subdues Psycho, he offers the foe a chance to be friends. However, he mutilates the daughter instead, and shares a joke with Macedon. Trigger later has his revenge by gouging out Psycho's eyes and eviscerating him. Later, Psycho decided to kill a prominent civilian, Commissioner Trigger, and President Donald Trump. Macedon saves all three, but not before Trump is poisoned. Psycho is arrested, and Trump is cured.


  • Target (Tommy Gun)
  • Grapple
  • Hazard Protection
  • Electricity (Electric Shock)


Ah, Canada... you are looking more prettily emotional than ever this morning!
— Psycho when in the Macedon Adventure World.
Oh, come on! What kind of evil is this?!
— Psycho when unable to solve a puzzle.
The PD blocked this area from me!
— Psycho's second line when unable to solve a puzzle.
Time to fly! Ha ha ha ha ha!!
— Psycho when entering his chopper.
What this contraption needs is a knife!
— Psycho's first line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
Yes! Oh yes! YES! Ha ha ha ha ha!!
— Psycho's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
Well, well! Looks like I am one lucky Irish!
— Psycho when obtaining a collectible
O ho ho, I could do this all day!
— Psycho when in the Vortex.
Whee he he he he ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
— Edwin's second line when in the Vortex.
Once again, Psycho saves the world!
— Psycho after completing a puzzle.
Ooh, I have been busy! It is shameful to need to wreck this place!
— Psycho when in Mace Grotto.
Creep, your looking CREEPY today, I love it!
— Psycho to Creep
Do not blame me, Macy's Parade! It is Psycho Float Time!
— Psycho to Macedon
Hmm... not great, to be honest!
— Psycho to any giant character or any robot
Oh, if it is not the American Eagle!
— Psycho talking to Eris
Oh dear, I think I have finally become true Psycho... YOU are making me into a Bro Pony!
— Psycho to Uni Kitty
I had no pulse, I had no head, but not right now; I ain't completely dead!
— Psycho after re spawning
What an okay space shuttle! Needs some cream pie though...
— Psycho when entering Benny's Spaceship.
Goodbye, see you tomorrow... Ha ha ha ha!!
— Psycho's line when leaving
I will never forget about today! Ha ha ha ha ha!!
— Psycho's second line when leaving
Party foul, folks!
— Psycho's third line when leaving
Two of me? Either you are a twin, or I actually AM Psycho!!
— Psycho to Psycho
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