Prohyas Warrior
Character Information
Name Prohyas Warrior
Gender Male
Franchise Mighty Magiswords
Weapons/Accessories Dolphin Magisword
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Prohyas' Hoversword
Occupation Warrior for Hire
Residence Warriors for Hire Headquarters
Prohyas Warrior, at your service
— Prohyas' first line when entering the game
Did someone call on a Warrior for Hire?
— Prohyas' second line when entering the game
I guess it's time to go on another quest
— Prohyas' third line when entering the game

Prohyas Warrior is one of the Team Pack Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Mighty Magiswordsfranchise.


  • Acrobat
  • Dive
  • Weapon Switches (Reaches into Magisword Bag for new Weapons)
    • Sword Switches (Any Magisword)
    • Sonar Smash (Accordion Magisword)
    • Water Spray (Dolphin Magisword)
    • Hazard Cleaner (Dolphin Magisword)
    • Growth (Dolphin Magisword)
    • Target (Zombie Pumpkin Magisword)
    • Silver LEGO Blowup (Little Blue Bomb Magisword)
    • Boomerang (Boomerang Magisword)
    • Vine Cut (Chainsaw Magisword)
    • Grapple (Mummy Magisword)
    • Rope Swings (Mummy Magisword)
    • Super Strength (Muscly Arm Magisword)
    • Super Strength Handles (Muscly Arm Magisword)


I need to get more seeds for Zombie Pumpkin Magisword! I'll be right back
— Prohyas' first line when leaving the game
I'm going to Slugburger! See ya later!
— Prohyas' second line when leaving the game
I'm gonna polish my Magiswords! Later!
— Prohyas' third line when leaving the game
Wow! You have Magiswords too!
— Prohyas when seeing Finn
I see why they call you the Dark Knight.
— Prohyas when seeing Excalibur Batman
I think a kid like you should enroll in the Adventure Academy!
— Prohyas when seeing Bart
If you think a Hoverboard is awesome, wait until you see a Hoversword!
— Prohyas when seeing Marty McFly
I didn't know there was a Transdimensional Magisword!
— Prohyas when in the vortex


  • Prohyas is voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza, the creator of Mighty Magiswords. Carrozza reprises his role in the game.
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