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Prisco Jacob
Prisco Jacob.png
Character Information
Name Prisco Jacob
Gender Male
Franchise Venture
Weapons/Accessories Ax
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Steelem
Occupation Criminal
Residence Jacob Manor
Whel, hello there y'all handsome gentlemen ayn' lovely layies!
— Prisco Jacob's first line when entering the game
Thanks faw booming me in, ay were a-bein' chased by the Steelems faw ayy second there!
— Prisco Jacob's second line when entering the game
Whel, men ayn' women, boys ayn' girls, ay am the one ayn' only Prisco Jacob y'all've done heard so much about!
— Prisco Jacob's line when leaving the game

Prisco Jacob is a Venture character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Guardian (Steelem)
    • Super Strength
      • Super Strength Handles
      • Fistlock
    • Growth


Ah, darn! Sawry, done got ta go, ay'm a-havin' dinnuurr at Jacob Manaw! Hopefully there's some Slim Jims ayn' collaard, yum!
— Prisco Jacob's first line when leaving the game
Look, don't tell anyone, but ay done got ayy bank ta rob, alright?
— Prisco Jacob's second line when leaving the game
Ay done got ta go grocery shopping, a-goin' ta get me some cawn dogs ayn' possums ta fry, yum!
— Prisco Jacob's third line when leaving the game
This here is getting awfully bawing, ay don't know how anybody could bare ta stand still faw this here awful long.
— Prisco Jacob's line when idle
Ay'm here ta kick butt ayn' drink White Lightning. Ayn' ay'm all out av White Lightning.
— Prisco Jacob's line in combat
Y'all stupid rats! Y'all done killed me! Wait until ay seize y'all ayn' fry y'all on the barbecue!
— Prisco Jacob's line when respawning
Y'ure me! Ayn' ay'm y'ou! Ayn' that there makes the Steelems... Fawget it.
— Prisco Jacob talking to Prisco Jacob
Hello there, Bob! What's a-goin' on? Robbing banks, ay hope!
— Prisco Jacob talking to Robert Jacob
Terrence, my boy! Ay have so many stawies, ay'll tell y'all them ovuurr ayy plate av Viena Sausages!
— Prisco Jacob talking to Terrence Jacob
Tyluurr! How have y'ou been a-doin'? Y're getting all thay... uhh, girls, right?
— Prisco Jacob talking to Tyler Jacob
Athanasios! How about we go windsurfing? Winnuurr earns ayy Mowon Pie!
— Prisco Jacob talking to Athanasios Jacob
Scottie, do us ayy favaw ayn' mowve back ta Vepture, please? Thank ye.
— Prisco Jacob talking to Scottie Jacob
Cyan, Cyan, Cyan! Let's have ayy mining competishun ovuurr these pawk skins ay done bought, okay?
— Prisco Jacob talking to Cyan Jacob
Y're ayy pirate? We'd get alawng quite whel, me a-bein' ayy safecracker, aftuurr all!
— Prisco Jacob talking to One-Eyed Willy
Crawlers! Ay don't trust y'all, nahwt since y'all stowwl my starsh av Goobers ay do nahwt!
— Prisco Jacob talking to Grotto Crawler
Ye are Rob's wife? Whel, y're quite beautiful, if ay do say so myself!
— Prisco Jacob talking to Robyn Jacob
Ha ha! Ye're ayy dwarf, so that there means y'all're shawt! oh, whel, uh, sawry if that there offended y'all, ay'll give ye ayy free persimmon if ye was.
— Prisco Jacob talking to Autocrat Dwarf


  • He is portrayed by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson in Venture, who reprises his role in the game.