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President Business is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the LEGO Movie franchise.


The LEGO Movie

Lord Business is fixated on being in control, and cannot stand anything that even slightly deviates from his idea of perfection. He created walls between each section of the LEGO world to keep all the pieces in what he believed to be their rightful places and prevent them from mingling with each other in any way not allowed by his "instructions". However, he eventually found that unsatisfactory and developed a plan to use the "Kragle" (actually Krazy Glue) to forever seal every piece in place, creating a "perfect" but immobile world.

Since he publicly poses as President Business, most inhabitants of the land of LEGO have no idea he is evil. He is able to run the world competently and efficiently, though underneath the bright and cheery surface lies a dystopia wherein those who refuse to follow President Business' "instructions" are at risk of being captured by his Super Secret Police and executed.

It is later revealed that a boy named Finn based Lord Business off of his strict father, who had a hobby of collecting LEGO, but refused to allow his son to play with them. However, Finn's father and Lord Business both had a change of heart by the end of the movie. The father realized that his obsession was alienating him from his son, who told him that anybody can be special in their own different way and that the fun of LEGO is not just to assemble it as instructed, but to use it to create something new. Emmet also tells this to Lord Business, making him have a change of heart and cure everyone of the Kragle using water. After that, he reformed and became a president again.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

After the Taco Tuesday events, the DUPLO Aliens visit the LEGO world, announcing their intentions to destroy it and all of their inhabitants. Emmet tries to befriend the DUPLO Aliens, but his attempts at friendship end with himself, Wyldstyle, and their friends fighting the DUPLO Aliens. In the midst of the chaos, Business unhelpfully tells everyone to get along before he dons a golfer outfit and leaves to go golfing leaving the others in charge of the problem. Five years later, after the defeat of Rex Dangervest and the unity of Apocalypseburg and the Systar System, Business returns to the new city telling Emmet and Lucy saying that he missed a gimmie putt for birdie on seven and that they managed to restore everything to normal. He's last seen when his hair gets on fire by Benny as he flies by and ends up running into a shop which is a firework's shop that explodes, ejecting him from the universe.

Dimensions Crisis

Meltdown at Sector 7-G

Lord Business is sent by Lord Vortech to The Simpsons World to take over Springfield and recover its Foundation Element, the Inanimate Carbon Rod that is in Homer Simpson's pocket. After he and his Micro Managers captured Homer he is confronted and defeated by BatmanWyldstyle and Gandalf. However, he escapes with the Carbon Rod and sends the trio with the asset.

All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us

He and the rest of Vortech's forces were seen with him on Foundation Prime when Vortech smashes the Thief for his failure in collecting the Foundation Element.

Grand Interdimensional War

During the Grand Interdimensional War, there had been two Businesses (no pun intended). As such, Lord Business was brought from the LEGO Dimensions reality to join Grand Emperor Enoch while President Business from the mainstream timeline initially joins the heroes to stop Enoch from taking over the Multiverse.