Plague Knight
Plague Knight
Character Information
Name Plague Knight
Gender Male
Franchise Shovel Knight
Weapons/Accessories Bombs
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Cauldron
Occupation Order of No Quarter Knight
Residence Eplodatorium/Potionarium
Plague Knight is a character in LEGO Dimensions from the Shovel Knight franchise. He comes in the 71XXX Fun Pack.


  • Bomb Jump
  • Bomb Throw
  • Bomb Exchange
  • Health Steal
  • Acrobatics
  • Dig
  • Super Strength
  • Melt Ice
  • Stealth
  • Super Speed
  • Invincibility


"So you need an Alchemist?" - Plague Knight's first line when entering the game

"Bombs away!" - Plague Knight's second line when entering the game

"Time for science!" - Plague Knight's third line when entering the game

"Wonder what Mona's doing." - Plague Knight when idle

"Nothing in my notes cover this!" - Plague Knight when discovering an object he can't use

"Haha, take that puzzle!" - Plague Knight when completing a puzzle

''Ooh, is this some type of potion ingredient?" - Plague Knight when getting a collectible

"No, I don't get your own." - Plague Knight when Techo interacts with him

"Give me your essence!" - Plague Knight when seeing Shovel Knight


  • Plague Knight is the fourth character to be silent and still have quotes
    • The First being Sans, the second being Shovel Knight, and the third being Shield Knight
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