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Pillagers are non-playable antagonists in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Minecraft franchise.


Pillagers are a group of Illagers equipped with a crossbow. It spawns as part of illager patrols and around outposts. 5 pillagers spawn in patrols. Patrols spawn naturally after 51⁄2 in-game days. They spawn only at night independently of structures, i.e. they still spawn in a world without generated structures. Pillagers are able to spawn as part of raids, as the most common mob in one. A pillager is armed with a crossbow, Axe, and Torch, and shoots arrows at players, Iron Golems, Snow Golems, Wandering Traders and adult villagers. They shoot an arrow each 3 seconds up to 8 blocks away, following an enemy from 64 blocks away. Pillagers never attack one another, even if one is shot by another pillager, it does not start dueling.

Interdimensional War

This Is The End


Fate of the Multiverse

Pillagers were first summoned as minions as Andy Abernathy encounters them as he gets closer to Enoch's Throne Room inside his castle. This time, they are armed with enchanted crossbows (Quick Charge III, Piercing IV, Unbreaking III).