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Piccolo Jr.
Picolo Mayunia (D1285Vr).png
Franchise: Dragon Ball
  • Porunga


  • Piccolo´s Alternative head piece
  • Power Blast
Appear In: LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision

Piccolo Jr. is one of the Team Pack characters that appear in Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, he is from the Dragon Ball franchise.


Piccolo Jr. , usually just called Piccolo or Kamiccolo and also known as Ma Junior, is a Namekian and also the final child and reincarnation of King Piccolo, later becoming the reunification of the Nameless Namekian after fusing with Kami. According to Grand Elder Guru, Piccolo, along with Kami and King Piccolo, are part of the Dragon Clan, who were the original creators of the Dragon Balls.

A wise and cunning warrior, he was the main antagonist in the final saga of Dragon Ball, the Piccolo Jr. Saga, and was thus a ruthless enemy of Goku. However, starting with the first saga of Dragon Ball Z, the Raditz Saga, he began to lose all villainous traits, and when he started training Goku's son Gohan during the Vegeta Saga which led to the two developing a strong bond with each other, he became a permanent member of the Dragon Team and eventually one of Earth's greatest heroes.


  • Acrobat
  • Invulnerability
  • Elastic
  • Slurp Access
  • Hazard Protection
  • Hazard Cleaner
  • Super Strength
  • Super Strength Handless
  • Ki Recharge
  • Laser
  • Laser Deflector
  • Grapple
  • Big Transformation (Giant Picolo)

Toy Tag:

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Picolo Mayunia (D1285Vr).png

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