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"Hi, Phil Swift here!"

-Phil Swift's first line when entering the game.

"Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex Tape! The super-strong, waterproof tape!"

-Phil Swift's second line when entering the game.

"Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex Seal! The easy way to coat, seal, and stop leaks fast!"

-Phil Swift's third line when entering the game.

Phil Swift is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, based on the businessman of the same name who works and runs as CEO of Flex Seal.


Philip (Phil) Swift is an American businessman who, along with his brother Alan Swift, is the joint owner of the company Flex Seal Products which specializes in a line of waterproof adhesive bonding products that include Flex Seal, Flex Shot, Flex Tape, Flex Glue, Flex Mini, and Flex Paste. He is also the spokesperson for the brand and appears on television commercials showcasing the power of his products by, for instance, sawing a boat in half and then repairing it. Such feats have made him a pop culture icon after popular YouTuber JonTron (real name Jon Jafari), who provides comedic commentary about video games, movies, or infomercials, decided to make a video about the various Flex Seal Products infomercials. The company has been sponsoring NASCAR Xfinity Series team JD Motorsports since 2013. While there have been doubts over the effectiveness of Flex Seal Products to the extent shown on infomercials, in February 2017, after a sponsored NASCAR car driven by Garrett Smithley crashed at Daytona, Flex Tape was used to repair the damages and he finished the race in the eighth position.

With all the fame he had, many people on the internet wanted to know where he came from and think of 73 years old, but Phil says he's not. Flex Seal's tweet even said "Don't trust the internet". Some people said that he is the reincarnation of and/or the next Billy Mays. Phil denied those claims and said he wanted to be the first Phil Swift.


  1. Flex Seal Repair (Flex Seal, Flex Tape, Flex Glue, Flex Seal Colors, Flex Seal Clear, Flex Tape Clear, Flex Glue Clear, Flex Paste, Flex Shot, Flex Seal Liquid, Flex Seal Spray, Flex Seal Minis)
  2. Graffiti (Flex Seal Colors)
  3. Grapple (Flex Tape, Flex Tape Clear, Flex Tape Max)
  4. Melt Ice (Blast Off)
  5. Weapon Switch (Knife, Chainsaw, Saw, Sledgehammer)
  6. Illumination (Maximum Traction Glow)
  7. Hazard Cleaner (Foamazing)


"Remember: Flex on!"

-Phil Swift's line when leaving the game.

"Going to Flex World, y'all need anything?"

-Phil Swift's second line when leaving the game.

"Woo! That was a lot of fun!"

-Phil Swift's third line when leaving the game.

"Look at this! This is awesome!"

-Phil Swift when collecting a collectible.

"May need to add a few more coats."

-Phil Swift when unable to solve a puzzle.

"And the inside is completely dry!"

-Phil Swift when inside the Flex Seal Submarine underwater.


-Phil Swift's line when entering combat.

"How 'bout a little more?"

-Phil Swift's second line when entering combat.

"That's a lotta damage!"

-Phil Swift's line when exiting combat.

"♪ Who can make a sunrise? (laughs) Sprinkle it with dew. ♪"

-Phil Swift's line when on idle.

"♪ The candy man bakes. Everything he makes. Satisfying and delicious. Talk about your childhood wishes. You can even eat the dishes. ♪"

-Phil Swift's second line when on idle.

"It even works underwater!"

-Phil Swift when using the Flex Seal Fix-It ability underwater inside the Flex Seal Submarine.

"Once it's on, it holds on tight!"

-Phil Swift when using the grapple ability.

"I'm gonna blast huge holes with this Giant Cannon!"

-Phil Swift when entering the Giant Cannon.

"Red, blue, and green, it's the coolest sub you've ever seen!"

-Phil Swift when entering the Flex Seal Submarine.

"YEE HAWW! (laughs)"

-Phil Swift when entering the Flex Glue Monster 4x4.

"Full speed ahead!"

-Phil Swift when entering the Sonic Speedster.

"Wow! I can see right through!"

-Phil Swift when entering the Invisible Jet.

"Don't eat 'em. Don't ingest them in any shape or form. They're not to be eaten."

-Phil Swift to Patrick Star.

"What are you looking at?"

-Phil Swift to Leonardo, Rafael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

"Wow! Look at all these beautiful colors!"

-Phil Swift to Unikitty.

"Now, that's Flextastic!"

-Phil Swift to Elastigirl.

"Holy (beep)!"

-Phil Swift's when entering any mech or seeing any giant character.




  • Phil Swift is the first infomercial star to be featured in a LEGO Dimensions game as both a YouTuber and a Meme star.
  • Phil Swift is the first character who has a line with a bleep censor. This is a reference to the Flex Shot commercial where he blasts huge holes through the bottom of the boat with a Giant Cannon.
  • Phil Swift's line to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a reference to the Flex Seal Colors infomercial where he turns an old pickup truck into the Flex Seal Submarine.