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Peter Venkman is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ghostbusters franchise.


Dr. Peter Venkman is one of the original Ghostbusters. He has doctorates in both psychology and parapsychology. He appears in all major forms of the Ghostbusters Franchise. He is one of the main protagonists and arguably the leader of the Ghostbusters.


Peter Venkman was a professor working with Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz at Columbia University. The trio researched the supernatural but, unlike his partners, Peter wasn't really enthusiastic about the topic. Despite having a passing interest in ESP, he didn't believe in ghosts until witnessing one personally. The team of three discovered the Library ghost, but were unable to catch and show her off to the public. Subsequently, their funding was cut and they were fired from their university positions, though Peter seemed happy to look for new opportunities. After being fired, the three of them decided to build some advanced paranormal equipment and go into a career of freelance ghost catching. Peter encouraged and prodded Ray to mortgage his house in order to find the capital needed to purchase the Firehouse. Whether motivated by the prospect of becoming rich or just the fact that he no longer had to work under the thumb of the board of regents, Dr. Venkman was very motivated to begin a new career. Peter soon became the first to meet the company's first client, Dana Barrett and formed a romantic interest.

Dana had claimed that there were monsters in her fridge even though Peter could not find any such thing. After that incident, Peter, Egon, and Ray ate Chinese takeout for dinner at the Firehouse when their secretary Janine got a call. Peter wanted to use petty cash to take Dana on a date under the pretense of making overtures to keep her as a client. Ray informed him their dinner was the last of the petty cash. Peter was silent then told him to chew slower. Peter and his team went to the Sedgewick Hotel, where Peter came face to face with the ghost that would one day become known as Slimer. Peter was slimed during his first encounter with the ghost, which Ray greatly praised as "actual physical contact." Peter and his team eventually captured the ghost, which soon made them popular and busy around town with other ghosts.

Peter had stopped by at one of Dana's orchestra rehearsals. He happened upon her talking to a colleague who played in the orchestra with her and was interested in her as well. He asked her, "Who's the stiff?" She answered "The stiff happens to be one of the finest musicians in the world." Peter found some answers for Dana, but said they could find out more on another night. Peter continued to compliment and flirt confidently and, trying to keep down commotion, Dana reluctantly said, "I'll see you Thursday." He said, "We'll eat and read." As she walked away with her male colleague, he addressed her somewhat jealously, "So, who the hell is that?!" and Dana replied, "A friend. An old friend." She smiled because of Peter's constant compliments on her appearance which he was now making in front of her male colleague.

Not too long afterwards, Janine was overrun with calls and stressed out. She told Peter there was a man waiting in his office from the EPA and she had been working two weeks without a break and that he promised he would hire more help. He sarcastically praised her experiences in order to let her know that the door was open to discover more opportunities if she was unsatisfied working for him. As the phone rang once more, Peter replied to her, "Are you going to answer that?" Peter soon met an EPA representative named Walter Peck, who got angry that he refused to show him the storage facility.

As Peter was on his way to see Dana and take her out on a date, he noticed that she had undergone a radical change and was now acting very strangely. She barred entrance to her apartment, asking him if he was "The Keymaster". After getting the door slammed in his face, he tricked her in order to gain entry. Once inside Dana referred to herself as Zuul, "The Gatekeeper" and told Peter she was awaiting the coming of Gozer, "The Destructor". Peter replied, "Oh..." and noticed slime seeping through the kitchen door and furniture. The possessed Dana quickly led Peter to the bedroom where she tried to seduce him asking him "Do you want this body?" which he rebuked asking if it was a trick question. The possessed Dana was unrelenting in her seduction, telling Peter "Take me now subcreature." Peter ignored her and Dana slammed him onto her bed, pouncing on him and pinning him to the bed with supernatural might. She passionately kissed him and rolled him over on top of her telling him "I want you inside me". Peter told her she already had two people inside her already. Peter proceeded to try to talk to the real Dana Barrett, ignoring her seductive advances in the process. While asking for Dana, an inhuman growling voice replied that "There is no Dana, only Zuul". Peter gave Zuul to the count of three to leave Dana's body to which she responded by turning her eyes white, thrashing her head back and forth on her bed then growling furiously like a beast at him and levitating above her bed. Peter, realizing the seriousness of Dana's condition, sedated her and called Egon to explain what was going on. He soon learned from Egon that her building was renovated by an evil architect named Ivo Shandor and she was being possessed by Zuul, the Gatekeeper of Gozer. After Peck returned and shut down the Containment Unit, the ghosts all escaped and Peter and the other Ghostbusters were imprisoned for EPA violations. Peter convinced Mayor Lenny that an apocalypse of "Biblical proportions," was coming to destroy the city.

The Ghostbusters were released and drove to Dana's building, escorted there by a police and army motorcade as a dark cloud started to cover the entire city. After an earthquake struck, nearly trapping them in rubble, the Ghostbusters made it to the top of the building. However they were too late to stop Dana and Louis Tully from releasing Gozer and transforming into their possessors' Terror Dog forms. The Ghostbusters confronted Gozer, who electrocuted them before being zapped by the their Proton Packs, vanishing and returning in the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (which Ray had been thinking of). Peter and his team then crossed their streams and forced the door to Gozer's dimension to close, destroying the Marshmallow Man in a blaze of flames and saving the city. Peter rescued Dana, no longer possessed, from the rubble of Zuul's charred body, finally winning her affections for saving her.

Ghostbusters II

Despite saving the town from Gozer, the Ghostbusters were put out of business due to being sued for all the damage that was done during the battle. Also, Peter and Dana's relationship faltered due to his fear of commitment and taking her for granted. She ended the relationship but it wasn't on good terms. Dana got married and had a child. Peter and Dana lost touch. Dana and her husband had some issues and he "ditched" her for an opportunity at an orchestra in London leaving her and his son behind. Dana considered giving Peter a call.

In the years since, Egon described Peter (even to Dana) as being borderline (manic) until he eventually, "crossed the border." Peter became the host of a psychic reality talk show, The World of the Psychic, in the years after the Gozer battle. He and his teammates went to Dana's aid after she claimed her baby stroller rolled away from her by itself, and pinpointed there was "something brewing under the street," of First Avenue. Egon, Peter, and Ray start to dig under the surface of the road where Ray is lowered down into the hole where he discovers a River of Slime. The three Ghostbusters were summoned to court, where they stand trial on the grounds of violating a restraining order and destroying a section of First Avenue. They got back into business after the slime sample in the courtroom absorbed the judge's negative energy while shouting and exploded out two ghosts named the Scoleri Brothers. After the judge rescinded the order and dismissed the case(while under duress from the ghosts), the Ghostbusters were allowed to put on their equipment and bust the ghosts, declaring to the public afterwards that they were open for business once again. While his teammates investigate the river of slime underneath the city, Peter renewed his relationship with Dana, whose baby Oscar was being targeted by the ghost of Vigo the Carpathian. Even when paralyzed, Peter's tongue was still as sharp as ever and he still managed to provoke Vigo's ire with a variety of pointed insults, including referring to him as a "dumb blonde". Peter and his team in the end defeated Vigo and saved the city once again.

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