Pepper Roni (Wikiboy10)
Pepper Roni Pose
Character Information
Gender Male
Franchise LEGO Island
Occupation Pizza Delivery Guy
Residence Unknown
I am the pizza delivery dude! The dude with the food!
— Pepper when entering the game
Pepper... Roni!
— Pepper's second line when entering the game
The Brickster has broken out again?
— Pepper's third line when entering the game

Pepper Roni is one of the Level Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Boomerang Ability - Pepper uses the pizza as such.
  • Heart Regen Ability - Pepper can use the pizza to refill his health.


I'm getting bored, see ya!
— Pepper's first line when leaving the game.
I need to deliver some pizza, sorry.
— Pepper's second line when leaving the game
Papa and Mama might get worried about me! I need to go.
— Pepper's third line when leaving the game
Ow... That isn't cool man.
— Pepper's line when respawning.
I've confronted the Brickster before, I'm not scared!
— Pepper before confronting a boss (Doesn't play when fighting the Brickster)
I'll take this before the Brickster does...
— Pepper when obtaining a collectable
I usually sell pizza more than I do solving puzzles..
— Pepper when unable to solve a puzzle
Who would want to hurt an innocent pizza guy?
— Pepper's second line when in combat
Oh boy, more law breakers...
— Pepper's third line when in combat
This looks simple enough.
— Pepper when about to solve a puzzle
I think I know who to solve it. Papa would be so proud.
— Batman's second line when about to solve a puzzle
Now I want to barf out my piiiiizza!
— Pepper when in the vortex
Look dude, it's just anchovies!
— Pepper when seeing Aquaman
Hey, tone it down a bit! Police Officers are meant to nice?
— Pepper when seeing Bad Cop
Dude, I need your hover board! That thing is awesome.
— Pepper when seeing Marty McFly
Hey, we could be good friends. Just don't hurt anyone.
— Pepper when seeing Bart Simpson
Yes, I know I have pizza, next time.
— Pepper when seeing Scooby-Doo
Hey, that pizza isn't good for you!
— Pepper when seeing Gizmo
Hey, I'm old enough to ride now?
— Pepper when riding the Pizza Truck
I want to keep one of these.
— Pepper when riding the Hoverboard
I could deliver pies in the future...
— Pepper when riding the Clown Bike
I could use a bit of food too.
— Pepper when using the Scooby Snack
I could use a bit of food too.
— Pepper when using the Scooby Snack
I hope the Brickster isn't doing anything bad again.
— Pepper when in the LEGO Island World
Woah, I hope it doesn't destroy LEGO Island!
— Pepper when entering a mech
This thing is going to make our pizzas sell more.
— Pepper first line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
Gee, I might just be a generic pizza delivery guy.
— Pepper seeing Pepper
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