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Pennywise the Dancing Clown is a fun pack character from the franchise It (Remake).

Custom made by the Youtuber TheMooseFigs


  • Shape Shift
    • Pennywise
      • Growth
      • Illumination
      • Slurp Access
      • Glide
    • Spider Form
      • Super Strength
      • Vine Cut
    • Flute Lady
      • Stealth
      • Sonar Blast
    • Leper
      • Hazard Protection
    • Georgie
      • Mind Control
    • Henry Bowers
      • Vine Cut
    • Paul Bunyan
      • Vine Cut
      • Super Strength
    • Vision Bird Creature
      • Flight
  • Cursed Red Lego Objects
  • Scan Disguise
  • Drone Maze (Stan's Head with Legs)


  • When entering game: "Hi-ya!"
  • When entering game 2: "Is this real enough? It was real enough for Georgie!"
  • When exiting game: "Fear."
  • When exiting game 2: "Don't go growing up without me!"
  • When respawning: "There is more!"
  • When respawning 2: "Pennywise the Dancing Clown has returned!"
  • When meeting self: "Two clowns is better than one!"
  • When meeting Bill: "I took Georgie, because you weren't there Bill."
  • When meeting Ben: "Hey Egg Boy!"
  • When meeting Richie: "Beep Beep Richie."
  • When meeting Bev: "Tell me Bev, are you still Daddy's little girl?"
  • When meeting Stan: "Stanley, Stanley, Stanley, scared of a silly painting. Don't want the flute lady to play you a song?"
  • When in combat: "Time to float!"
  • When obtained gold brick: "Tasty, tasty, beautiful gold!"
  • When in vortex: "This isn't what I meant by floating!"
  • When meeting any of the Jokers: "I'm not in a fun house!?! Why does this reflection of me look weird?"