Paul McCartney
Character Information
Name Paul McCartney
Franchise Yellow Submarine
Weapons/Accessories Love
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Yellow Submarine
Occupation Singer
Residence Unknown
All I need is love!
— Paul's first line when entering the game
Better here than Nowhere Land.
— Paul's second line when entering the game
What's the matter, fellows? Blue meanies?
— Paul's third line when entering the game
Paul McCartney is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Yellow Submarine Fun Pack for the Yellow Submarine franchise.



Dimensions Crisis



Yellow Submarine: Pepperland



All things must pass!
— Paul's first line when leaving the game
Would you still summon me, even if I were Sixty-Four?
— Paul's second line when leaving the game
I got the feeling that things aren't as rosy under the surface!
— Paul's third line when leaving the game
This doesn't look at all well!
— Paul's first line in the Vortex
This is crazy, not the craziest thing I've seen, but still crazy.
— Paul's second line in the Vortex
Einstein, Einstein, any old Einstein.
— Paul to Doc Brown
Not what I'd call the best choice of color, mate.
— Paul to Jay
You've got to be good looking because you're so hard to see.
— Paul to Identity Theif
Your guitar seems to be...gently weeping. Need some help, there?
— Paul to Marceline
Oh, no. Not another alter-ego.
— Paul to Paul
Groovy! Let's get this thing going, then!
— Paul to the Mystery Machine
Not so teeny weeny, are you, big-fella?
— Paul to any mech/Big-Fig
Do you think they've heard us?
— Paul's first line when idle
I just need a!
— Paul's second line when idle
Underwater cities to explore, ones with holes, monsters and even nothing. Where to?
— Paul when in the Yellow Submarine Adventure World
Oh, boy!
— Paul obtaining a collectible
It's Beatle proof! Nothing is Beatle proof!
— Paul when unable to solve a puzzle
— Paul when able to solve a puzzle
Beatles to battle! Charge!
— Paul in Combat
Blimey...that wasn't in the least bit enjoyable.
— Paul when respawning


  • Paul McCartney, although not voicing him in the movie, voices himself.


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