Character Information
Name Paisenuef
Gender Male
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories Swords
Occupation Chronicler
Residence I-Abundant
The chronicler is here!
— Paisenuef's first line when entering the game
Friends? Friends.
— Paisenuef's second line when entering the game
Better not become lava bones!
— Paisenuef's third line when entering the game
Paisenuef is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Illumination (Light Staff)
  • Laser (Light Staff)
  • Tall Minifigure Handles


The herald is off!
— Paisenuef's first line when leaving the game
I am afraid we can not hope, for all is lost.
— Paisenuef's second line when leaving the game
I AM A WARRI'S HERALD! And I am off to new missions!
— Paisenuef's third line when leaving the game
You filthy coward!
— Paisenuef talking to Herbert Storbert
The world used to like that. Now this is what it is. An unrecognizable mess of steampunk machinery and death.
— Paisenuef in the Biomecha Adventure World
Remove your cloak or the Rackrain will kill you!
— Paisenuef talking to Strongarm
Well, sometimes, you must search through an ocean of municipal solid waste to get a reward
— Paisenuef after getting a collectible
Just looking from this distance gives a whole new meaning to life...
— Paisenuef while idle
All tunnels are blocked or destroyed. I must kill these hostiles!
— Paisenuef when in Combat
Death is never permanent. I hope,
— Paisenuef respawning
This is an easy test of my ingenuity.
— Paisenuef able to solve a puzzle
I have no clue. But the worst is yet to come, I assure all of you.
— Paisenuef unable to solve a puzzle
Improvement is always needed, no matter what.
— Paisenuef purchasing a renovation
Giving recompense for this disgusts me.
— Paisenuef unable to purchase a renovation
I... I know you, but I do not how.
— Paisenuef talking to 9


  • He is portrayed by Jackson Brundage, who reprises his role for the game.
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