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On The Way is a franchise featured in LEGO Dimensions. It is based on the franchise idea featured on the Idea Wiki, created by Xavier Mosley. The franchise revolves around Lawrence, Jake and Gillan, including their friends.


This franchise focuses on three boys, living their lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. Young, inventive scientist Lawrence, music obsessed Jake, and curious Gillan. The residents include over-eater Florence Sara Richard, spoiled rich teenager Sherrie MacLayne, Flower Bluff High principal Chalmer Phil, Sherrie's father Todd MacLayne, and vice-principal Edna Benton.

Related Characters/Objects

  • Fun Pack
  • Team Pack
    • Jake
      • Sidecar 01
      • Sideways Sidecar
      • Attack Cycle
    • Gillan
      • Hoverbike
      • Average Bike
      • Radical Motorbike

Non-Playable Characters

  • Chalmer Phil
  • Sherrie MacLayne
  • Todd MacLayne
  • Edna Benton
  • James Quarternuise
  • Florence Sara Richard
  • Lisa
  • Mr. Riley
  • Mary
  • Harlie
  • Bernie
  • Laura
  • Van


  • Corpus Christi
    • Flower Bluff High School
    • MacLayne Manor
    • The Boys' Apartment (Castle Park Lane)
    • Richard Residence
    • H-E-P Minus
    • MacDonald's
    • BBKing
    • Verity Corner Store
    • Cinema Century Theater
    • Corpus Lodge
    • Corpus Woods

Health Bar


The character frame resembles the "O" from the On The Way title logo. The hearts resemble the music icon from the Golly Music app on Jake's phone. When losing a life, the circle is taken out.


  • It is one of the franchise licensed by Columbia Pictures.