6776 Original Ogel
Character Information
Name Ogel
Franchise Alpha-Team
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Mutant Ray
Occupation Evil Ruler
Residence Underwater Base
Prepare to fall under the might of the dastardly Ogel!
— Ogel's first line when entering the game
You've walked right into my trap!
— Ogel's second line when entering the game
Looks like another successful escape from Dash...unless he's here...
— Ogel's third line when entering the game
Ogel is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Alpha-Team Team Pack for the Alpha-Team Sub-franchise, part of the LEGO Classic franchise.


Ogel is an evil ruler over his skeleton drones, planning to freeze the world and time, or maybe control sea creatures. His plans seem out-there, but he almost gets them complete, untilthey're foiled.

Dimensions Crisis



LEGO Classic: City


  • Hacking
  • Hazard Protection
  • Mind Control
  • Super Strength
  • Technology
  • Underwater Swimming


I better leave if I want to remain hidden from the agents...
— Ogel's first line when leaving the game
Time to make my escape!
— Ogel's second line when leaving the game
This seems to be the end...and you'll all face the end, too!
— Ogel's third line when leaving the game
This machine seems to make people travel to a specific timezone, rendering time frozen! I must know how this works!
— Ogel's first line in the vortex
I hope this leads to somewhere I can takeover, not one already ruled!
— Ogel's second line in the vortex
Looks like a great environment to freeze...
— Ogel's first line when idle
Glad I got rid of that hook hand.
— Ogel's second line when idle enough snow!
— Ogel in the LEGO Classic Adventure World
This is an extrodinary object! I hope it works as an evil orb...
— Ogel when obtaining a collectible


  • He is voiced by TBA
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