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"Alright! Time to get my hands dirty!"

-Nya's first line when entering the game.

"Somebody show me where the bad guys are!"

-Nya's second line when entering the game.

"Samurai X at the ready!"

-Nya's line when entering the game as Samurai X.

Nya is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ninjago franchise.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, Nya and Kai are working in their family blacksmith shop, Four Weapons. When they are approached by Sensei Wu who shows disdain for the weapons they make, saying they are useless in the art of stealth. He also says there is only stuff for a samurai, but not stuff for a ninja. Kai drives him off, who in turn disappears when Kai turns his back. Moments later, a dark cloud appears over the village, with local farmers being the first to notice. On the edge of the hill, a large vehicle (the Skull Truck) appears along with many motorcycles, all with skulkins on board, notably Nuckal, Kruncha, and Samukai. The farmers attack the skulkins, only to run at the last second. Then, Kai, wearing hand-crafted samurai armour, engages in battle, with Nya joining in. Kai is nearly killed by Samukai, only to be saved by Sensei Wu, who reappears just in time. He is not able to save Nya, as she is kidnapped under the orders of someone called "Lord Garmadon."

Later, while Sensei Wu and the four ninjas, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane are sleeping in the Forest of Tranquility, location of the Sword of Fire, Kai is woken by Nya. She runs away, and Kai chases her through the forest, eventually entering the fire temple. Nya is then revealed to be an illusion made by Lord Garmadon in a shadow form. He exploits the fact that Kai had forgotten his sword, and that the real Nya is hanging from chains above the lava in the temple. Garmadon tells him the only way to save Nya is to pull the Sword of Fire out of its rock. Kai obtains the sword, cuts Nya free and is then confronted by shadows controlled by Garmadon. Sensei Wu arrives to save them, and jumps on a rock that is going down a lava fall so he may go to the Underworld. Nya then returned to her village where she waited for Kai and the other ninjas to return.

The Green Ninja

In Season two, Nya is told by her brother that fighting villains was a job for a ninja. This most likely led to her becoming of the samurai. She and Jay also start becoming increasingly closer in this season. She is very smart because she was the only one to realize that all of the Serpentine tombs were inline with the Ninjago symbol for serpent. Although Kai called her a show off, Jay said she was smart.

In the episode, "Rise of the Snakes", the Ninja are warned by Sensei Wu not to let their laziness get the best of them, Nya rushes in and informs them that Lord Garmadon has been spotted in Jamanakai Village. After the Ninja had dealt with Lloyd Garmadon instead, Nya decides to visit Jamanakai Village and sees Lloyd had already returned with the Hypnobrai. When the Ninja hear of the Serpentine threat from Sensei Wu, Kai realizes that Nya is currently there, and the four of them head out on their Dragons. After witnessing the Serpentine and the villagers they had hypnotized, they meet up with Nya. She tells them not to look the Hypnobrai in the eyes when they rattle their tails, and also mentions that the General of the tribe is holding the Hypnobrai Staff, which contains the anti-venom to cure the villagers. Jay then offers for her to be an honorary member of their team, much to her annoyance. Cole manages to take the Hypnobrai Staff from Slithraa, but just as Skales hypnotizes him, Nya comes in and kicks Skales in the face, causing him to retreat. She then tells Cole to use the staff on the fountain in town, so the anti-venom can be distributed through the water supply and restore the villagers back to their normal selves.

In "Can of Worms", Pythor P. Chumsworth steals The Map of Dens from Lloyd, Nya figures out the locations of the Constrictai and Venomari tombs. Later, when the Ninja are trapped in the Toxic Bogs, Samurai X scares off the Serpentine and saves the Ninja. When the Ninja approach the Samurai to thank her, she sprays them with a sleeping gas. She then flies off, and The Destiny's Bounty arrives.

In episode six, the Ninja get their new ZX suits, and Nya reports that Serpentine are terrorizing the amusement park. The Ninja are more than ready to reply to the call. Upon arriving, however, the Ninja find that Samurai X has taken care of the snakes, tying them up in rope. The Ninja are under the belief that whoever catches the Samurai will be the Green Ninja, and so place a bet. A montage shows how they try in different ways to capture the Samurai, but to no avail. Back at the Destiny's Bounty, the Ninja complain about their failed attempts to try and capture the Samurai. After realizing Lloyd isn't with them, the Ninja track him down to The Lost City of Ouroboros. However, upon arriving they realize it's a trap when they are captured by Pythor. Pythor announces another Slither Pit for the entertainment of the Serpentine, to find out whether the Ninja or Samurai is stronger than the other. Although seeming to fight, Samurai X reveals he was just putting on a show until an opportunity presented itself, and helps the Ninja escape. After the Samurai's exo-suit malfunctioned, they landed in the desert. Cole, Zane, and Jay landed together in the desert, but Kai landed nearby the Samurai, when he discovers that Nya is Samurai X. After a discussion, Kai promises not to tell the others about her secret.

In Episode eight, she explains to the ninja (who aren't paying attention) about a way to cure a Fangpyre bite and afterward Jay asks her out on a date. They were originally going to go to a fancy restaurant but after the Serpentinebroke into the "Mega Monster Amusement Park" they went there instead. Nya gets captured by the Serpentine and Jay tries to save her. She reveals that she is the samurai to him and he is shocked. Nya kissed him and unlocked his true potential. At the end of the episode all of the other ninja find out she is the Samurai.

In Episode nine, she is briefly seen saying that they only need one fangblade to prevent The Great Devourer from getting unleashed.

In episode ten she is helping the ninja train and also warns them about the Fire Temple's being dangerous. Sensei Wu also explains how the Green Ninja is chosen and suggests that she might be the Green Ninja.

In the episode "All of Nothing", She is captured with the ninja, and is the only one who has faith in Lloyd. In the episode "Rise of the Great Devourer", she is seen fighting the Serpentine along with the ninjas.

The Final Battle

In "Return of the Overlord", Nya was transformed using Dark Matter and turns into a zombie like version which fights the ninjas. Since the ninjas don't want to hurt her, they gain a disadvantage. After a long struggle, in which the ninjas are initially outmatched, she gets frozen in ice. At the end of the episode, she jumps into the portal to Ninjago before it closes.

In the next episode, Nya stands guard with a turret attached to the Garmatron (as a fortress), and proves to be the Overlord's strongest soldier, destroying Lloyd's golden mech. She even took down the entire stone army when Dareth took control of them. Later, Cole, then Jay were turned evil by the Overlord's dark rays, and Zane had to stay behind to hold them off, which left only Kai and Lloyd, who was still injured after his defeat from the overloard. Nya ambushed them with her turret, and attacked the injured Lloyd. Kai draws her fire, and cuts the turret off of the building with his elemental fire blade, allowing Lloyd to proceed to battle the Overlord. This time, Lloyd won, and Nya was returned to normal.


In The Surge, she is first shown in The Surge telling ninjas they will go to a field trip to Borg Industries. Later, a perfect match machine in Borg Industries told her that Cole is her perfect match. In Art of the Silent Fist she tells Cole that he's a good guy, after what they almost kiss, but get interrupted by Jay. She started to have feelings for Cole. When she came to Jay's junkyard, P.I.X.A.L was back and she told her that Cole is her perfect match. After Jay heard that, they started fighting. When they got trapped in junk destroying machine, Nya had to cut blue or black wire to save them. It's still unknown which one she cut.

Later in Enter the Digiverse she got back her Samurai X mech which she used to fight Nindroids. In the next episode, Codename: Arcturus, she was in cinema with Jay and Cole. After they got out, they finally asked her which of them she will pick. She said that she goes with Jole, which is a small robot that she claims is a mixture of Jay and Cole, but actually is a theather robot named CinemaRobot3000. "Jole" leaves her just few minutes later when she comes to the Borg Tower.

In "The Void" Nya remains behind in Ninjago while the Ninja travel into space, only for Borg Tower to be attacked by the Overlord's forces under Pythor. In "The Titanium Ninja" she joins in the final assault on New Ninjago City but becomes separated from the others. She ends up battling General Cryptor, but is able to trick him into insulting Min-Droid, leading to a clash between the two. She is later torn up over the apparent demise of Zane, and embraces Cole in her sorrow, much to Jay's dismay; they all alter attend a memorial service in his honor.

The Tournament of Elements



In "Winds of Change", following the Tournament of Elements season, Nya joins the Ninja in being employed at Steep Wisdom, Sensei Wu's tea farm and shop, and then pilots the rebuilt Destiny's Bounty 2.0 in their effort to escape from the attacking Morro, who has possessed Lloyd. In "Ghost Story" she dons her Samurai X attire and faces Morro in an effort to keep him from Sensei Wu, but like the Ninja is defeated; she subsequently learns of his history with Morro, his first student. When the Ninja are sent off to Stiix, Nya remains at Steep Wisdom and is treated to a shocking revelation: as her and Kai's father was the Elemental Master of Fire, so their mother was the Elemental Master of Water. As such, Nya is the heir to her power and has the potential to become the Ninja of Water.

"Stiix and Stones" sees the beginning of Nya's training, though she is initially resistant, feeling that she could better help her friends by continuing to function as Samurai X. Given the task of filling a bucket with a hole in the bottom with water and becomes frustrated, which helps Wu realize that her weakness is failure, as she cannot stand the thought of not excelling. In "The Temple on Haunted Hill" she meets Ronin, who informs her, Wu, and Misako of the Ninja's efforts. With Ronin's help she leaves Steep Wisdom for the Samurai X Cave, intending to collect her equipment so she can aid the ninja, only to find that it has been invaded by Morro and his ghost allies. Finding her weaponry ineffective, she succeeds in destroying the Allied Armor of Azure, and then proves that she does indeed possess power over Water when she unconsciously calls rain down from a cloudless sky in the middle of the dry season.

Returning to Steep Wisdom, in "Peak-a-Boo" Nya dons her new ninja attire, and comforts Cole over his recent transformation into a ghost at the hands of Sensei Yang. She remains aboard the Bounty while the Ninja ascend the Wailing Alps, and she and the others succeed in capturing Morro's minion Ghoultar. "Kingdom Come" sees them attempting to interrogate him, only to be distracted when Morro emerges from Cloud Kingdom with the Ninja in pursuit. Unexpectedly, in "The Crooked Path" Nya makes a breakthrough with help from Ronin, who persuades her that her exertion to master her powers might in fact be holding her back. She then attempts to stop him from stealing the Sword of Sanctuary, but fails on two occasions to do so.

In "Grave Danger" Nya waits with Wu and Misako while the Ninja enter the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master in pursuit of Morro, and ends up battling against Bansha and Soul Archer. In Curseworld, Part I and Curseworld, Part IIshe joins the other Ninja in a final assault against Morro's forces, disguising herself as the Green Ninja and attacking the Ghosts in Stiix. After The Preeminent emerges, she joins in the effort to fight the monster, eventually boarding a steamboat to escape the city. When all hope seems lost, Nya is finally able to face her fear of failure and unlock her true potential. This allows her to summon a massive tidal wave that waves the Preeminent and her minions into an undersea chasm.


"Infamous" sees Nya dealing with her struggles in the wake of the newfound popularity of the Ninja: she is seen merely as "the girl Ninja" and the press only seems to care about whether she's dating Jay or Cole. Unbeknownst to her, Jay has seen a vision of them together in the future, but she refuses to even entertain the idea of them becoming a couple again. She even refuses to take her hand when they're trying to hide from the paparazzi while trying to pursue Clouse. She soon has other concerns, however, as the Ninja have been framed for various crimes and are now wanted.

After the Ninja go into hiding, a message sent by Kai signals them all to gather at the Monastery of Spinjitzu in "Public Enemy Number One." They agree to split up once again, and Nya and Kai travel to the Corridor of Elders, only to be tracked down and captured by Ronin and sent to Kryptarium Prison with the other Ninja. In "Enkrypted" she and the other Ninja are incarcerated, but manage to escape by forming an alliance with Captain Soto. Having not seen her face previously, Soto comments that she seems familiar and then realizes it at the same time as their common enemy Nadakhan: Nya is a dead ringer for his lost love Dilara.

In "Misfortune Rising" Nya and Jay pose as police in an effort to learn Nadakhan's whereabouts, unaware that the Djinn is in search of her as well; Nya also reaffirms her lack of interest in being romantically involved with Jay again. She then comes to Cliff Gordon's mansion after Jay makes two wishes, and then joins the other Ninja in a mission to retrieve a map to Tiger Widow Island from Nadakhan's ship, Misfortune's Keep. In the process Flintlocke, Nadakhan's first mate, also notes her resemblance to Dilara, and Kai is trapped within Nadakan's Djinn Blade. "On a Wish and a Prayer" sees the group regroup at Cliff Gordon's mansion before taking his yacht to Tiger Widow Island, only for Zane and P.I.X.A.L. to be caught by Nadakhan along the way. The group then learns that Jay had met with Nadakhan and not told them about it, leading the group to become furious with him; Nya then succeeds in saving a supply of Tiger Widow Venom the only substance to which Nadakhan is vulnerable, though Jay is captured by the Sky Piratesas a result.

In "My Dinner With Nadakhan" Nya, Lloyd, and Cole attempt to find a way off the island, and after discussing her and Jay's stormy relationship with Cole finally master Airjitzu to escape an attacking creature. "Wishmasters" sees them infiltrating Misfortune's Keep to rescue Jay, only to lose Lloyd and Cole in the process, forcing the pair to go on the run after learning that Nadakhan wishes to marry Nya so he can gain the power to grant himself infinite wishes. "The Last Resort" sees the pair flee to the lighthouse where Dr. Julien was previously imprisoned, where they discover Echo Zane. After Nadakhan discovers their whereabouts by forcing Clancee to make a wish, they fortify the island against the Sky Pirate invasion, during which Nya once again faces Dogshank after previously battling her on Tiger Widow Island. With the island overrun, Nya forces Jay through a portal opened by Traveller's tea so that he can escape and come to her rescue, after admitting that she does still have feelings for him.

The Dark Island Trilogy

This adventure takes place after the events of the Skybound seaon, which concluded with Jay making a wish that prevented Nadakhan's escape and returned everyone to the moment in time prior to it. Nya and Jay have resumed their relationship as a result, and join the other Ninja in traveling to the Dark Island in search of the missing Misako and Ronin. After becoming separated from the others they encounter the Sky Pirates, whom they are the only ones to remember due to Jay's wish, with the pirates failing to recognize them as well. They then team up with Ronin to face the pirates and a Leviathan, before seeking out their allies. They soon discover that Clouse is responsible for the Sky Pirates and the strange happenings on Dark Island, but after a major battle manage to defeat him and save the island, capturing the Sky Pirates in the process.

Day of the Departed

In "Day of the Departed" Nya and her fellow Ninja rush to the Ninjago Museum of History using new vehicles acquired during The Dark Island Trilogy, and after obtaining lanterns for the holiday go their separate ways. Nya and Kai return to four weapons to remember their parents, only to receive unwanted company: Master Chen and a couple of his Anacondrai Cultists, who have been brought back by the dark magic of Sensei Yang and the Yin-Yang Eclipse. After a fierce battle, Chen and his minions are sent back to the Departed Realm, and the siblings reunite with their teammates and learn who was responsible from a repentant Morro. They then travel to the Temple of Airjitzu to aid Cole, and their support enables him to defeat Yang, who experiences a change of heart. Cole is restored to human form at last, and the Ninja then take the Temple as their new base of operations.

Hands of Time

"The Hands of Time" sees Nya and the Ninja helping to clean up the museum, during which Nya and Kai find a portrait of their parents dated around the time Nya was three years old, which was also roughly the time of their disappearance. They also come across a painting of Wu and Garmadon battling Acronix and Krux, which Dr. Saunders-the museum director, tells them was a mythical confrontation. After a time disruption, the ninja take the Bounty to the old monastery-the epicenter of the disturbance-in search of Master Wu, only to find Acronix in the flesh. After a brief battle he escapes and reunites with Dr. Saunders, who proves to be none other than Krux, while the ninja find Wu after his own defeat at Acronix's hands.

Sons of Garmadon

In "The Mask of Deception" Nya defeats a group of warriors who are oppressing farming villagers before returning to Ninjago City to reunite with the other Ninja. While agreeing to help with security for the royal family, she expresses disapproval for the figurehead group until meeting Harumi. She and Kai later spot Hutchins, who they suspect is watching them even as they are monitoring castle security.


In Season Nine, Nya is part of a resistance against Emperor Garmadon and his minions after Wu and the first four Ninja become trapped in the First Realm.

March of the Oni

In "The Darkness Comes", Nya is at the Monastery of Spinjitzu when the new mural depicting Ninjago's history is being worked on. Later, when Faith and the Firstbourne arrive fleeing the Oni invasion, she and her teammates board the new Destiny's Bounty 3.0 to warn the people of Ninjago. Arriving to find the Oni have already arrived, they rescue a number of citizens before recruiting Garmadon from Kryptarium Prison. In "Into the Breach" the villain walks in on her and Jay as they are talking, preventing Jay from asking Nya to be his yang as he intended. After Garmadon and Lloyd depart to destroy the Realm Crystal, she joins the remaining Ninja in answering Vinny's distress call.

In "The Fall", the Ninja rescue a number of civilians from the Ninjago News Center, but an accident with the new Bounty controls results in Cole plummeting into the dark cloud enveloping Ninjago City. Nya initially blames herself but is comforted by Kai, and she is inspired to have him melt down the salvaged Golden Master's armor into the Golden Weapons. In "Endings" Kai gives her the reforged Scythe of Quakes to wield in Cole's place, and she joins the remaining Ninja, Wu, Garmadon, and Faith in fighting the Oni as they march on the monastery. She is unable to wield the Scythe's power, but gladly turns it over to Cole when he appears, having survived his fall. As the Oni victory seems certain, Jay proposes to her and she accepts, and then takes part in the Tornado of Creation that defeats the Oni.

Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu

Some months later in "Wasted True Potential", Nya and her fellow Ninja have become lax due to no new threats emerging. Wu, frustrated with them, subjects them to a gauntlet of booby traps and surprise attacks, many involving a chicken with electricity powers. This culminates in a six-on-one battle between the Ninja in their master, in which Ny aand her teammates are nadily defeated. In "Questing for Quests", the Ninja decide to visit New Ninjago City in hopes of finding some trouble they can help deal with. However, they find nothing of significance, and are hopeless until seeing a news story about an ancient pyramid that will likely require Ninja skills to explore safely.

In "A Rocky Start", the Ninja travel into the Desert of Doom with their new vehicles, only to run afoul of the monstrous Beohernie. After being trapped by the beast, they manage to escape it and continue their journey in "The Belly of the Beast". In "Booby-Traps, and How to Survive Them", the Ninja join archaeologist Clutch Powers in exploring the pyramid, eventually coming across an ancient tomb. The tomb proves to contain the Serpentine sorceress Aspheera, who steals Kai's elemental power and defeats the Ninja, trapping them in the pyramid as she leaves. In "Ninja vs. Lava", the Ninja manage to escape the pyramid, encountering Aspheera's Pyro Vipers along the way, and are carried to safety by P.I.X.A.L. in the ShuriCopter.

In "Powerless", the Ninja arrive back in Ninjago City, and head to the Ninjago Museum of History to intercept Aspheera. They beat her to the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, but end up losing it to her in a fight. In "Ancient History", the Ninja split up, with Nya joining Lloyd and Zane in attempting to recover the scroll from Aspheera. Unfortunately, even Nya's water powers prove no match for the enemy, and they are forced to retreat. In "Under Siege", Nya's group learns of a second scroll, and after interrogating an uncooperative Clutch Powers learn that it is currently stored at the Explorer's Club.

In "The Explorer's Club", Nya's party sets out to retrieve the second scroll, with Nya leading her teammates in breaking in to the club headquarters after they fail to negotiate or trick their way in. After making their way through the club collection-including a mirror that shows Nya her worst fear of never reaching her true potential-they manage to recover the scroll and escape. In "Vengeance Is Mine!" the three race to join their friends at the Monastery of Spinjtizu, with Nya warning Lloyd against too much contact with the scroll. They arrive in time to join the final battle with Aspheera, who is defeated but seemingly manages to vaporize Zane. In "A Cold Goodbye", Nya and her friends comfort P.I.X.A.L., only to learn that Zane is still alive in the Never-Realm. After another confrontation with Wu, the remaining Ninja are sent after Zane, unaware that they may have inadvertently trapped themselves forever.

In "The Never-Realm", the Ninja and the Land Bounty arrive in the Never-Realm, only for the vehicle to fall off a cliff. After making their way through the frozen environs, they encounter the Ice Fishers, who bring them back to their home village and introduce them to the elder, Sorla. Sorla is able to help the Ninja discover that Zane is at the Ice Emperor's castle, and they determine to go to his rescue. In "Fire Maker", after Nya has trouble picking up a signal from the Titan Mech, the village is attacked by a force of Blizzard Samurai. The Ninja manage to defeat them, and Kai is able to reignite the village's Hearthfire with his returning powers.

In "An Unlikely Ally", Nya becomes temperamental over Kai's inflated ego and her the apparent weakness of her powers, though Sorla assures her that she has the potential to command ice. Lloyd then informs her that he is going alone to try and find Zane, leaving her and the other Ninja to guard the village. In "The Absolute Worst", Nya and the other Ninja are discussed by several of their foes. In "The Message", Nya and the others are worried when Boma and Uthaug bring them a ripped piece of Lloyd's gi. In "The Traveler's Tree", Nya trains with Sorla in an effort to gain mastery over ice, but suffers frustration and an interruption from Cole.

In "Krag's Lament" Nya joins Jay in going to search for Cole after learning that he's left the village, following him up a mountain. They briefly come to believe that he has been killed by Krag, only to learn that he has in fact befriended the creature, who joins them in heading back to the village. Unfortunately, in "My Enemy, My Friend", the group arrives back too late to prevent the village from being attacked by Boreal, and find Kai the only inhabitant not frozen by the evil dragon. The four Ninja and Krag set out to find the Land Bounty, reaching it in "A Fragile Hope". Once again threatened by wolves, the Ninja struggle to get the vehicle operational, finally succeeding and heading for the castle.

In "Once and for All", the Ninja are attacked by Boreal, and engage in a running battle with the beast before Nya launches the Land Bounty into the air and crashes into the dragon. In "Awakenings", Nya realizes that Zane himself is the Ice Emperor when Boreal proves to be made out of ice. In the ensuing battle with the beast, Nya is able to wield ice against it, but Boreal is only defeated when Kai unleashes his restored fire powers against it. They then rush to the castle, where Zane has regained his memories and begun reversing the damage of his reign as the Ice Emperor. With the help of Sorla and Krag, the Ninja are able to make their way home to Ninjago.

Prime Empire


Master of the Mountain



  1. Acrobat
  2. Beam Deflect
  3. Photo Mode
  4. Repair
  5. Spinjitzu
  6. Stealth



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