Numbuh 5 / Abigail "Abby" Lincoln
Lego Numbuh 5 Figure
Character Information
Name Numbuh 5 / Abigail "Abby" Lincoln
Franchise Codename: Kids Next Door
Vehicles and/or Gadgets C.O.O.L.B.U.S.
Occupation Supreme Leader of Sector V of the KND
Residence Sector V Treehouse
Numbuh 5 is ready to go!
— Numbuh 5's first line when entering the game.
Numbuh 5 won't let any adult Tierney win!
— Numbuh 5's second line when entering the game.
Time for a battle!
— Numbuh 5's third line when entering the game.

Numbuh 5 is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions. She appears in a Fun Pack with the C.O.O.L.B.U.S. for the Codename: Kids Next Door franchise.

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