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Jeremy Hillary Boob
Character Information
Name Jeremy Hillary Boob
Franchise Yellow Submarine
Weapons/Accessories Apple
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Yellow Submarine
Occupation Writer, Artist
Residence Nowhere Land
So little time, so much to know!
— Jeremy's first line when entering the game
If I spoke prose you'd all find out, I don't know what I'd talk about.
— Jeremy's second line when entering the game
You mean you'd take a Nowhere Man?
— Jeremy's third line when entering the game

Nowhere Man is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Yellow Submarine Fun Pack for the Yellow Submarine franchise as an in-game character for Paul McCartney



Dimensions Crisis



Yellow Submarine: Nowhere Land



They took all my cards.
— Jeremy's first line when leaving
Turn off what is sour!
— Jeremy's second line when leaving
Or for worse.
— Jeremy's third line when leaving
He does, in truth, seem quite annoyed.
— Jeremy to Bane
Arise! Arouse! A rose!
— Jeremy to E.T.
It's my policy never to read my reviews.
— Jeremy to IHE
This is my standard procedure for doing it!
— Jeremy when able to solve a puzzle
You know, I'm not sure.
— Jeremy when unable to solve a puzzle
Some reference material be-be-before I'm destroyed!
— Jeremy in combat


  • Nowhere Man uses archive audio