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Character Information
Name Norpher
Gender Male
Franchise Morphers
Occupation Norpher
Residence The Void

Norphers are Morphers enemies in LEGO Dimensions.


Norphers are petite and ostensibly weak, but the Morphers view them as cruel, irritating, insane, and deadly monsters scattered across Planet Morpher. According to the Morphers' beliefs, the Norphers exist to rip and tear their surroundings to pieces, including any morphs that the Morphers make. There is little the Norphers despise more than when two or three Morphers fuse and get superpowers. The Norphers have made it their purpose in life to put an end to the Morphers' deranged creativity altogether. Norphers have found one way to do this; stealing and demolishing the Morpher Wheels which let the Morphers to merge with one other. While Norphers don't have much strength individually, they can split a Morpher to pieces within a second if they crowd together.

As revealed in the episode Final Destination, the Norphers are actually well-intentioned people who refused to become Morphers, opposing the danger that the Morphers pose to the environment. However, the inhibitors of the Morpher shells result in anyone who isn’t a Morpher being perceived as a monochromatic threat who hates creativity and joy. The Norphers were able to convince most of the surviving Morphers to renounce their old ways and succeeded in removing the toxicity of Morphing after Booker destroyed all of the remaining Morpher Wheels, along with himself.

In Morphers the Movie, they use atomic bombs to destroy the Morpher Lands. The Norphers are later found on their Pirate Ship, where a fight ensues until they successfully knock every Morpher unconscious, and throw all the chieftains into the void. However, the Morphers escape their penitentiary (with Norphers as wardens) and reach the YouTube world, where they unite Youtubers, who serve a crucial role in the Norphers' defeat via using mechanoids which allow them to Morph, Merph, and sadly, Marph.


  • They have a different death sprite than other enemies.
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