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Ness (Magolor1000)

Ness is one of the level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions,

Ness Lego.PNG

from the Earthbound/Mother franchise.

Name: Ness.

Gender: Male.

Franchise: Earthbound/Mother.

Weapons/Accessories: Baseball Bat, and Psychic Powers.

Vehicles/Gadgets: Phase Distorter, and Starman.

Occupation: None/Part time hero.

Residence: Onett/Eagleland.


  • Magic (Telekinesis is a common psychic power.)
  • Laser Deflector (Ness's PSI Shields.)
  • Magic Shield (Also Ness's PSI Shields.)
  • Mind Control (Telepathy is a common psychic power, but this is upgraded.)


None as Ness is a silent protagonist.

Level Pack

Level Name: "BREAKING NEWS, Aliens have invaded Earth!"

Character: Ness.

Vehicle: Phase Distorter.

Gadget: Starman.