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Nathan Drake
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Character Information
Name Nathan Drake
Gender Male
Franchise Uncharted
Weapons/Accessories Guns, Grappling Hook
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Sully's Plane
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Residence U.S


Grapple (Grabbling Hook)

Vine Cut (Sword)

Melt Ice (Sam's Lighter)

Illumination (Flashlight)



Silver Lego Blowup (Dynamite)



Art Credit

Original minifigure is by jangosolo on Flickr.


Alright, time to find some treasure. - Drake's 1st line when entering the game.

Another Day of exploring... - Drake's 2nd Line when entering the game.

Nathan Drake, at your service. - Drake's 3rd line when entering the game.

Finders Keepers! - Drake when finding a collectable.

Sic Parvis Pagna. Greatness from small beginnings. - Drake's line when idle.

Hey Sully, you up for a trip to steal some gold? - Drake when seeing Sully

Ready when you are, kid. - Sully's response.

Let's Fly! - Drake flying Sully's Plane.

Geeettiinnggg a little rough hereee!!! - Drake when in a vortex.

Do you really want to do this to yourself? - Drake when in combat.

I'm back! - Drake when respawning.


He is voiced by Nolan North, like in Uncharted.

His idle animation is him juggling 3 gold coins.

Drake is able to change his costume, just like Doctor Regeneration.