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Muscle Norpher
Muscle Norpher.png
Character Information
Name Muscle Norpher
Gender Male
Franchise Morphers
Occupation Norpher
Residence Norpher Fortress
— Muscle Norpher's only word capable of speech

Muscle Norpher is a Morphers boss in LEGO Dimensions.


Muscle Norphers are Norphers pumped full of Norphflazesiri, an anabolic-androgenic steroid designed for the circuits and zip lines inside of Norphers, causing them to grow 9' and receive a major increase in tissue, abdomen, kidney, flesh, appendix, bladder, intestine, muscle, and stomach size. The Norphers use this upgraded size to their advantage, being able to obliterate even the strongest Morphers while not Morphed.

Abilities (Upon Mind Control)

  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
    • Fistlock


  • In Morphers: The Movie, they are portrayed by Chris Hardwick, who reprises his role in the game.
  • His great size, lack of much speech, and vigilantism are all reminiscent of Flappin from BIOMECHA.