Eugene H. Krabs
Mr. Krabs (LEGO Dimensions)
Character Information
Name Eugene H. Krabs
Gender Male
Franchise Spongebob Squarepants
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Patty Drone
Occupation Owner of the Krusty Krab
Residence 3451 Anchor Way
Hello, I'm Mr. Krabs, and I like money.
— Mr. Krabs's first line when entering the game
The secret formuler must be protected at all costs. Whatever you do, don't tell Plankton!
— Mr. Krabs's second line when entering the game
What now? I was just in the middle of counting me money!
— Mr. Krabs' third line when entering the game

Mr. Krabs is a character in LEGO Dimensions. He was released in Wave X in 20XX for the Spongebob Squarepants franchise.


  • Intelligence Access
  • Vine Cut
  • Underwater Swimming
  • Vulnerability
  • Time Machine Character Change


SpongeBob, get back to work!
— Mr. Krabs when seeing SpongeBob
No, Patrick, I'm not here to promote you a job again. For the 7th time!
— Mr. Krabs when seeing Patrick
No napping on the job, Mr. Squidward!
— Mr. Krabs when seeing Squidward
— Mr. Krabs's first line when seeing Plankton
Plankton! What are ye planning this time? Set up a gift shop? Steal a king's crown? Build an amusement park?
— Mr. Krabs' second line when seeing Plankton
Enough of this karate, Sandy! It's mind poisoning, remember?
— Mr. Krabs when seeing Sandy
Do be careful not to burn me money with yer flames, alright?
— Mr. Krabs when seeing Kai
Stop copying me archrival, ya Plankton wannabe!
— Mr. Krabs when seeing Storbert
Alright, I'll let you patrol Bikini Bottom for ghosts. But don't expect any charges from me!
— Mr. Krabs when seeing Peter Venkman or Abby Yates
Pfft, I ain't afraid of no ghost. ...GHOST!
— Mr. Krabs when seeing Slimer
You'll pay for this! No, really, I could always use more money.
— Mr. Krabs when in combat
And this is why they call me 'Armor Abs Krabs'!
— Mr. Krabs when respawning
Ooh! I hope Plankton won't mind me 'borrowing' this! Time to shift into maximum overdrive!
— Mr. Krabs when riding Patty Drone
Hmm. Plankton seemed to have rebuilt his time machine.
— Mr. Krabs when riding Plankton's Time Machine
Hello, would you be interested in purchasing this wonderful renovation?
— Mr. Krabs when a player approaches him as an NPC
Thank you for buying from Krusty Krab Renovations. No refunds!
— Mr. Krabs after a player purchases a renovation
Oh dear, looks like somebody popped Bubble Buddy. Let's fix him right up...if you cough up the change, of course!
— Mr. Krabs when a player approaches him as an NPC (Restore Bubble Buddy)
There we go, good as new!
— Mr. Krabs after a player purchases the Bubble Buddy renovation
Yer spendin' all me money!
— Mr. Krabs when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
Yer breakin' me, boy!
— Mr. Krabs when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
Oh yeah, another Mr. Krabs!
— Mr. Krabs when seeing Mr. Krabs


  • Mr. Krabs is voiced by Clancy Brown in the series. Brown reprises his role in the game.
  • Mr. Krabs is able to change into King Krabs and William Krabs by using Plankton's Time Machine.
  • Mr. Krabs is also an NPC in charge of the renovations in the SpongeBob SquarePants Adventure World, excluding the ones in Dead Eye Gulch and Bikini Bottomshire due to him not existing during those time periods.
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