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"Just-ice shall be served!"
-Mr. Freeze's first line when entering the game.
"Mr. Freeze, making ice puns before it was cool."
- Mr. Freeze's second line when entering the game.
"Ice to meet you!"
- Mr. Freeze's third line when entering the game.

Mr. Freeze is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions: The Multiverse Curse, from the DC Comics franchise.


Dr. Victor Fries was a mere Gotham City scientist who used cryo-stasis technology to cryogenically freeze his wife Nora, who had a rare disease, so he could have more time to save her. However, an accident in the laboratory caused his body temperature to revert to below zero and as a result, he was forced to wear a refrigeration suit to survive the mutations. Fries then deemed himself "Mr. Freeze" and staged robberies in order to fund his project. He also stole diamonds in order to power up his suit. In addition to his cryotechnic genius, Mr. Freeze wields an ice-powered gun that freezes targets.

In the 1966 television series, Mr. Freeze was known as Dr. Art Schivel. His body temperature was accidentally lowered by a freezing solution used by Batman, and Freeze became his enemy in an attempt to get revenge.


  • Glide
  • Ice
  • Technology
  • Intelligence
  • Target


"I must check on Nora's chamber."

- Mr. Freeze's first line when leaving the game.

"Perhaps the cure is elsewhere..."

- Mr. Freeze's second line when leaving the game.

"My suit is running out of power. I need more diamonds."

- Mr. Freeze's third line when leaving the game.

"This should prove to be easy enough."

- Mr. Freeze when about to solve a puzzle.

"Hm... This obstacle appears to be frost-proof. Somebody else should handle this."

- Mr. Freeze when unable to solve a puzzle.

"Success! I almost prefer this to cold, hard cash."

- Mr. Freeze when obtaining a collectable.

"Can your magic save my wife?"

- Mr. Freeze when seeing Gandalf.

"I am the master of cold, Sub-Zero."

- Mr. Freeze when seeing Sub-Zero.

"I envy your lack of emotion."

- Mr. Freeze when seeing Widowmaker.

"You are a rare specimen."

- Mr. Freeze when seeing Demogorgon.

"My gun will freeze you in your tracks."

- Mr. Freeze when seeing the Flash.

"You can't stop my research, Batman."

- Mr. Freeze when seeing Batman.

"Your suit's design is quite interesting."

- Mr. Freeze when seeing Mr. Freeze (1997).

"Your kingdom will soon be iced over."

- Mr. Freeze when seeing Aquaman.

"This vehicle could prove useful..."

- Mr. Freeze when riding the Freezemobile.

"I am beyond terror and fear. Your size does not scare me."

- Mr. Freeze when seeing a big character or riding a mech.