Morphers is one of several franchises in LEGO Dimensions.


On planet Morpher in the Morphergalaxy, there are two wise species: the Morphers and the Norphers. The Morphers and Norphers are against each other, and the Morpher Villages must ally or antagonize each other in hopes of terminating the Norphers.


Year 3

Year 4

  • Roland Fun Pack
    • Roland
      • Sauce Squirter
  • Nor-Man Level Pack
    • Nor-Man
      • ShuttleSpace
      • Nor-Man's Bed
  • Sly Fun Pack
    • Sly
      • Goo Chopter
  • Kran Level Pack
    • Kran
      • Crane
      • Chainsaw


  • More packs are planned for February, May, and October of 2018.
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